Almost went to the Kindom Hall this morning- - - almost.

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  • outlander

    Got up, made a decision, woke the wife, let her know what I was thinking, and then 5 minutes or so latter as she

    was getting up I changed my mind. See, thing is, my youngest sister and her husband who I have not seen in 15

    years are going to be there. They drove up a five hour drive to visit my other sister, also a J.W. now after a 30

    year lapse. No one bothered to inform me or the wife. I found out a couple of days ago when I called my 22 yr. old Nephew

    and he let it slip. Reason my other sister didn't let me know of the visit is because I sent her an Email 2 months ago

    outlining all the false beliefs of the Witnesses so now she refuses to talk to me and considers me an "OPPOSER"!

    Thing is, I shared had an apartment in this sisters Duplex here for 6 years, where we helped each other take

    care of our Mother with Alzheimers, until she had to be put in a N.H. I then married and moved out. Long story,

    and not worth going into here. But for all thoses years not once did my other sis and her husband, who's an Elder,

    want to visit either me, or her, they also refused to help care for Mom. But now that everyone, but me, has embraced

    the Borg they can find time to visit. My Nephew is in too. He did leave for a few years but went back after

    losing his job and no help from his folks due to shunning. That means that my entire family is now J.W. and even though

    I was never baptised they won't speak to me because I DARE to expose the lies for what they are. So the evil

    little imp in me almost made me go to the Kingdom Hall today, just to see the looks on both my sisters faces and

    the look on the youngers pompous @ss of a husband. But I just couldn't bring myself to suffer through the

    service. Also, if they want to see me, they know where i live and it's only about 10 minutes from the Hall. By the

    way, they are all born in's in my younger sister's family. That's it, been a long time since I posted but i wanted to

    get this off my chest and get reactions. Best to ALL on this site!!

  • PenelopePaige

    Oh, that's awful. Sorry :(

  • DesirousOfChange

    You obvioulsy have no respect for the Elders (like your brother-in-law) who work hard for the Sheep.

    I think you would have hated today's WT Study.


  • paulnotsaul

    outlander, good decision not to go. You don't want to stumble them in thinking you had a change of heart. They know where you live. Remember, they oppose you. If she has a cell phone call/text her for a visit while their in town. Go from there. peace paulnotsaul

  • sizemik
    I sent her an Email 2 months ago outlining all the false beliefs of the Witnesses so now she refuses to talk to me and considers me an "OPPOSER"!

    They're programmed to think that . . . . as you probably know. Unfortunately pointing to their errors raises all the defences and gets the reaction you're getting. What about your nephew? . . . is he really mentally "in" after those years out? . . . if your relationship is good you might find some connection there? Just a thought.

    And you're right to back off . . . no point in going unless you want to stay there.

  • WTWizard

    The Kingdumb Hell is one place I would never want to go to. It would be even more costly than going halfway around the world--and the costs wouldn't stop once I got there. Trouble is, you are forever paying for making that one trip to the Kingdumb Hell.

  • mrquik

    I pass by the hall on my Harley Sunday mornings & never forget to honk. Just want them to know how much I'm thinking of them.

  • aquagirl

    Good choice outlander!Sorry about the family thing,lots of us have to deal with similar stuff.It sucks.Oh well.Have a fun day!

  • outlander

    Nephew will most likely stop over on Tuesday, with a new girlfriend who is also a J.W. I may give him my copy of Christian Freedomand see it it helps.

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