For The Bible Tells Me So

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  • dontplaceliterature

    Has anyone seen this Documentary?

    I watched it on Netflix today and found it pretty interesting. Though I am not gay, I identified with the delima this presented to those interviewed and their families.

    I definitely reccommend it!

  • whereami
  • ldrnomo

    I saw this documentary on netflix and it does ring of many things that we can identify with.

    One woman talks about her gay daughter who took her life by hanging herself. The woman who was very religious rejected her daughter because of her religeous beliefs and refused to have a relationship with her, very sad.

    There were also some interesting thoughts on the scriptures which talk against homosexuality.

    Check out the doc if you have netflix.

    I recommend it.

    It shows how religion can tear loving families apart.

  • Steve_C

    I saw this a few months back.

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