LA Beach Party this weekend; see Dagney...

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  • AwareBeing

    Greatings Dagney & friends in crime! We're around the ages of 55,

    and our kids around 30 are married and are working on these days.

    We fit in best with the middle age crowd, though get along with most groups.

    We're not big on aposta beach parties, but we do drink.

    We continue worshiping God, and following the scriptures, yet can laugh a lot

    and be easy going with other peoples choices. Arriving in San Diego, Sept. 5.

    Driving along the coast looking for whale watching, and swimming sites.

    Site seeing through LA, to Sequoia Park. Site seeing trough Fresno to Yosemite Park.

    The exact days in between are flexible, so you guys can help plan for meet up times.

    By Sept. 10 fly out of LA, Our family are in the tri-state region of, In, Oh, and Mi;

    area of farms, trains, and autos. Hope to see you next week! Sincerely; A.B. & Partner

  • AwareBeing

    Dagney wrote us: 'LA's Long Beach, this weekend(s) beach party'..."Too bad you are not here yet."

    "I haven't checked your story yet. Let me know if you are heading this way...and your schedule"?

    "You can announce on the forum you will be in the Fresno area... I've traveled to various places

    and posted I was going and willing to meet local xJW's, and it's always been great.

    Have a great time in King's Canyon! AKA Sequoia National Park, CA.

    Myself, A.B. & my Partner are going two week ends later; from Sept. 5-10

    We'll be in most of south-central CA, once or twice during the trip.

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