Clown co-workers, do you have them at your place of employment?

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  • donny

    Today at work all of the hourly personnel were called to a meeting in the cafeteria of our workplace to view a training video that explained how to use the new Knonos clock with job codes system. The person on the video was one of our floor managers who had been chosen the week before to be the "star" of the training video.

    This manager has a very thick Indian accent and admittedly can be hard to understand at times, but I usually do pretty well. As the video was being displayed on the large pull-down screen, I noticed a few of the guys in my department (warehouse) pointing near the bottom of the screen and looking puzzled.

    After the viewing we went back to our respective work areas and I went up to the guys who seemed confused during the meeting.

    I asked "What were you pointing at on the screen during the presentation?"

    The taller guy replies "Since it was a foreign film we were looking for the sub-titles."

    Warehouse people are pretty strange at times. Do you also have suck clowns at your workplaces?

  • FlyingHighNow

    Yes. And up here, they are not supposed to be prejudiced. That's how they act anyway. But the say things like that, too. Where are the subtitles?

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