Muhammad's story

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  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Muhammad's story in chronological order, very well informed and well made candide videos regarding the story of Muhammad.

    And finally, something they dont want anyone to know.

  • sinis

    Very interesting. Bottom line is all holy books are CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! Invented by mentally ill goat herders.

  • Perry

    I knew as soon as I saw this someone would slam the the bible too.

  • glenster

    Muhammad is my least favorite Abrahmic religion founder in terms of hurt caused and scope
    of it still going on.

    Unlike Jesus/apostles, but like Theodosius 380 AD, Muhammad/next four caliphs
    had Muhammad's prophet claim/faith made law. They went on Muslim Conquests from
    Spain to the border of China over Muhammad's life, the next hundred years, and
    afterward. Others who paid a special tax could live among them.

    If the Qur'an can be thought to not prescribe punishment for apostasy alone,
    it prescribes death for apostates who create mischief for Allah and the Prophet.
    This may be interpreted to refer to apostates who blaspheme, strongly criticize
    Allah's Prophet as a false prophet whose law shouldn't be law, a stance reaf-
    firmed by hadiths. Execution is still the most popular Muslim choice for pun-
    ishment for such apostates.

    It's like the JWs leaders' proselytizing and shunning rules filmed by Tobe
    Hooper--the tax is something like non-JWs forced to buy JWs leaders' literature
    even though they don't read it. Imagine a TV show about the JWs leaders and
    turn up the contrast.

    One example: homosexuality. Secular/scientific sources indicate a small
    percent of animals/people are made that way.

    P - punish in this life (execution/beat and throw in jail the popular choices)
    S - sin punishable in afterlife
    N - normal

    Orthodox: Judaism--S Christianity--S Islam--P
    Conservative: Judaism--S Christianity--S Islam--P
    Liberal: Judaism--N Christianity--N Islam--S (Qur'an only)

    Note orthodox/conservative Judaism/Christianity are like liberal Islam. The
    liberal interpretation works for the NT (Matt. 19:12, etc.), but to have the
    liberal Jewish/Christian stance in Islam, you need Reform Islam--you can't in-
    terpret the Qur'an (homosexuality is an abomination to be punished) that way,
    you have to edit it.

    Problem: when a faith is made law with punshments and executions, you have the
    ethical/theological dilemma of punishment/execution for arbitrary reasons--
    sadism and murder--unless you have proof God requires it for all who have to
    accept it. This is alleged for the Ark of the Covenant which was missing by
    587/586 BC. It's currently a faith matter that it existed as claimed.

    But Muhammad's prophet claim made law resulted in the need for the Qur'an to
    be considered a miracle by Muslims and partly serves as an Islamic "Ark of the
    Covenant" so the punishments and executions had/have divine prerogative.
    There's some debate about that but not to their exclusion. (That's why there
    was a special fuss recently when someone made a public show of burning the
    Qur'an, for example.)

    I won't force the choice about Muhammad or the next several rulers instituting
    the punishments/executions, because it doesn't matter for my point. Everyone's
    interpretation has Muhammad involved to an important degree--it's impossible to
    propose a credible Muhammad that's pacifistic--and otherwise it's whoever the
    shoe fits. It's like if Christianity wasn't founded by Jesus/apostles but
    cruel Theodosiuses.

    The Ark isn't available for testing, but the Qur'an is. Besides Muhammad's
    bloozer about homosexuality, it has semen created in the wrong part of the body,
    etc. But if you try the "not inerrant historically but infallible for faith"
    stance with it and edit it, you could be issued a hostile fatwa.

    So the choice Muhammad forced with faith as law, and forced by military his-
    tory, and whatever punishment and executions instituted by Muhammad and the next
    several leaders, is to be a sadistic bigot (unedited Qur'an) or edit the Qur'an,
    deny it's an "Ark of the Covenant" and thereby characterize Muhammad/resultant
    rulers as homocidal sadists without the prerogative for punishment and execu-
    tion, and risk a hostile fatwa (more murder).

    You shouldn't be 'centric, intolerant, and Islamophobic--one poll shows over
    90% of Muslims denounce terrorism, etc. But whenever the suggestion to not be
    that way comes up, I can't help thinking it's ironic: it was founded by a homo-
    phobic bigot, and most Muslims want execution for harshly critical apostates.

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