My exJW friend almost gave me a heart attack with his mean little joke... did anyone ever play a joke like that on you?

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  • bottleofwater

    Me: hey whats up

    Me: i found an interesting idea on jwn forums

    Friend: the end is near

    Me: yes

    Me: def

    Friend: i am going back to the organization

    Me: no srsly?

    Friend: lolll

    Friend: yep

    Me: ur crazy

    Friend: an elder called me

    Friend: he told me that everyone has to come back

    Friend: soon

    Friend: they will reinstate anyone who was dissfellowshipped

    Friend: as soon as possible

    Friend: they got a serious letter to all the cong

    Friend: world wide

    Friend: they will be looking to bring everyone back

    Me: why? small earthquake and hurricane irene?

    Friend: no

    Friend: all the anointed got the same vision with the gb

    Me: seriously?

    Friend: it said bring my sheep back

    Me: sounds interesting

    Me: when will this letter be read?

    Friend: right

    Friend: not sure

    Me: im going to keep up on the forums online

    Me: see when it posts

    Friend: what do you think?

    Me: so he just called u and told u?

    Friend: yep they will contact everyone soon

    Friend: no more baptisims

    Friend: just looking to get the sheep back

    Me: stop freaking me out

    Me: this better not be some bullshit

    Me: i rly hope that this isn't some bullshit

    Friend: haha lol

    Friend: i am jokeing

    Me: the whole fucking thing?

    Friend: yep


    Friend: lol


    Me: lollll

    Friend: lol

    Me: do it to (other friend's name redacted)

    Me: and i was planning to (do something questionable) tomorrow

    Me: lollllol

    Friend: lol

    Friend: i will tell (other friend) to

    Me: where did u come up with this bullshit

    Friend: just now

    Me: lol

    Me: i mean

    Me: how did u make it up

    Friend: just spontaneously

    Friend: yeah

    Me: ur good

    Me: ur good

    Me: i want u to tell me how (another exJW friend) reacts

    Me: and u know what

    Me: ur tactic

    Me: is a good one

    Me: because u stop freaking out

    Friend: haha

    Me: u realize

    Me: how much bullshit it all is

    Me: lolll

  • cptkirk

    so yea, ill do the honors....

    so bottle how exactly old are ya buddy?

  • bottleofwater

    I'm 20. Why?

  • cptkirk

    you really want an answer?

    because that was highly painful to read for anyone over 20 i'd suspect :P

    you were raised by your parents as a jw i suspect? did they heavily shelter you? hehe

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