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  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    When reading the publications, or sitting bored out of my skull in the meetings, the same scriptures come up all of the time. Matt 24:45 is quoted so often it hurts my hair roots.

    Is anyone out there capable of indexing scriptures by frequency of use? Which are the most popular? There must be oceans of relatively untouched material whilst the old faithfuls are flogged to within an inch of their lives.

    I have often thought that what is refered to as "bible study" is just a constant refry of 5% of the actual material. Often when you look up what is said about a reference the individual scripture is bundled with say Micah 1-4. Not a real reference.

    If someone using the WTLIB as data could somehow quantify the use of bible references whilst weeding out those that are very wide and general I think the results would be damning and condemning.

    I don't have these skills but I am sure someone out there has. Thats what computers are for ain't it.

  • Mary

    • Matthew 24:45 on the Borg's CD Lie-barry: 1,489 hits.
    • Surprisingly, "new light" only got 76 hits (that can't be right.....)
    • "Apostates" got 512 hits, while "the last days" got a whopping 2,229 hits. Proof it's super-duper close now!!!
    • "Oral sex" got a measly 46 hits, "1975" got 1,693 and the grand daddy of all dates, "1914" got 6,398 hits!! Pretty good for a false date eh?
    • "Jehovah" got 250,832 hits while "Jesus" got about half of that: 128,188 hits.
    • "the slave" got 906 hits while "the faithful and discreet slave" got 1,200.
  • Ding


    How about "the light gets brighter"?

  • wannabefree

    "evidently" - 4,752

    Proverbs 2:18 - a conservative 286

  • trailerfitter

    Numbers 21 4-6 god sends snakes to complaining Isrealites many dies. Out of Egypt they ran out of food and water and wanted Jehovah to help...

    Mathew 7 9-11 Jesus said.... talking about how kind god is to his children.

  • blondie

    Mt 24:14 (3463, 2007 WT-CD)

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