Hooray for the Gibeonites!!

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  • Kensei01

    Hey all does anyone here remember the story of the Gibeonites and Joshua? Remember how they pretended to be from far away;but really weren't to curry favour with Josh and the boys? Then Josh had to let them in since he gave his word? Then they were made basically servant? Well I remember the society saying that the great crowd were the Gibeonites and the annointed were Josh and the boys.....so let me get this straight: the great crowd lied to the annointed(who we now know have no authority) so they could support them in the preaching work? RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!

    Any comments?

  • LittleMac

    Oh yeah.. they take any account from the bible to make a connection no matter how irrelevant to show the dependency of the great crowd on the coattails of the anointed.

    They were starting it back in the early 1900's by saying the great crowd were 'lesser faithful' ones destined to live on earth, or something like that, right?

  • LittleMac

    And another thing, that story used to piss me off so much because everyone else who was guilty of a little untruth or stealing a frickin' gold bar got pelted with rocks, but all of a sudden here is a story out of nowhere that we're all supposed to nod and hmmm....scratch our chins thoughtfully, yes isn't Jehovah a loving god....uhhh. NO! inside I really am thinking what a freaking arbitrary, unpredictable god.

  • Ding

    I don't recall this interpretation, but this is a good example of how NOT to interpret the Bible (or any other piece of literature for that matter).

    Such eisegesis (reading into the text) gives the illusion of Bible scholarship and of support for one's unique spin, when in reality the text has nothing whatever to do with the teaching it allegedly illustrates.

    The Gibeonite account doesn't accord in any way with WT teaching concerning "two classes."

    Does the WT teach that ANY OT persons are part of the "anointed" or that they have a heavenly hope?

    No, so in what sense would Joshua and the Israelites represent the "anointed" class?

    The Gibeonites weren't followers of Jehovah at all, so in what sense would they represent the "other sheep" of JWs?

    According to the Gibeonite account, the Israelites relied on their own understanding and wisdom rather than consulting God and were therefore deceived into sparing Canaanites whom God had condemned.

    What does this have to do with the supposed relationship between "anointed" and "other sheep" JWs?


  • PaintedToeNail

    @ding-how true, it doesn't make sense. Everything written isn't about them (GB).


  • Kensei01

    I know guys...what an unmitigated pile of horse manure!!

  • blondie

    I can't find a reference to the Gibeonites and the great crowd before 1986...it could be why some don't remember it. (forgive the formatting...argh)

    w86 12/15 p. 22 par. 8 “Jehovah Our God We Shall Serve” ***

    w86 12/15 p. 22 par. 8 “Jehovah Our God We Shall Serve” ***

    Many of the Nethinim, who in later years served at Jehovah’s temple, were likely of Gibeonite extraction. Thus the Gibeonites may well foreshadow the “great crowd” that are now rendering God “sacred service day and night in his temple.” (Revelation 7:9, 15) Though living in a Canaanlike world, these at heart are “no part of the world.” Formerly, they had to put up with “crumby” spiritual provisions, such as are found in Christendom’s churches, and they had no “wine” of joy. Coming in contact with God’s people, they have recognized that Jehovah is performing mighty acts through his witnesses. They have made the long trek from Satan’s world in order to exchange tattered ‘garments’ for a new identification as humble servants of Jehovah, clothed with the new personality.—John 14:6; 17:11, 14, 16; Ephesians 4:22-24.

    *** w67 10/15 pp. 626-627 par. 11 To the Rescue! ***

    That miraculous rescue of the Gibeonites was prophetic of the modern-day rescue of a “great crowd” of survivors out of the “war of the great day of God the Almighty” at Armageddon. (1 Cor. 10:11; Isa. 28:21, 22) The only book in the Bible that names Armageddon describes also the earthly survivors of the world’s greatest tribulation as a “great crowd.” Just as those ancient Gibeonites, so all those in that “great crowd” need to do something to be rescued from destruction at Armageddon. The Gibeonites took time by the forelock and took advance steps in order to procure a treaty of salvation. If they had waited until Joshua and his executional army found the location of their city and laid siege to it, that would have been too late to escape destruction.

    *** w67 10/15 p. 628 par. 17 To the Rescue! ***

    We remember that the Gibeonites of Joshua’s day had their lives spared to serve as slaves to fetch water and to collect firewood for the sacrificial altar in Jehovah’s temple. A thousand and eighteen years after Joshua spared them, the Gibeonites were even privileged to join the Jewish Governor Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem, in addition to their service at Jehovah’s temple. (Neh. 3:7; 7:25) Quite agreeably with this it is said of the “great crowd,” who were prefigured by the Gibeonites: “That is why they are before the throne of God; and they are rendering him sacred service day and night in his temple; and the one seated on the throne will spread his tent over them.”—Rev. 7:15.


    9 12/15 pp. 748-749 par. 27 The Seeking of Peace***

    Like those ancient non-Israelite Gibeonites, the “great crowd” of peace-seekers of today surrender themselves in full dedication to Jehovah God through Jesus Christ now before Armageddon breaks out. Therefore the Greater Joshua, Jesus Christ, spares them from destruction in that universal war. Like the remnant of spiritual Israelites, that great crowd loves life. They desire to see an eternity of good days under God’s kingdom. So they follow today the counsel of David and of Peter about peace.


    su chap. 7 pp. 59-60 pars. 13-14 Act Wisely in the Face of Calamity***

    In view of the fact that we live close to the end of the “last days,” it is vital for all persons who want to survive to act without delay, and with complete sincerity. Jesus Christ, who is Jehovah’s executioner today, cannot be tricked as Joshua was. The only way that such persons can enter into an arrangement with him to spare them from execution is for them publicly to declare their faith in Jehovah as the true God. (Compare Acts 2:17-21.) They must also accept Jesus Christ in the roles that God has assigned to him and live thereafter as persons who are not lovers of the way of life of this condemned world. Then they must become humble servants of God, rendering sacred service to him in association with the congregation of his people.—John 17:16; Revelation 7:14, 15

    Soon after the Gibeonites took their stand with Jehovah’s people, they came under great pressure. Five kings of the Amorites laid siege to Gibeon to force the inhabitants back onto their side, in opposition to Israel. The Gibeonites dispatched an urgent plea to Joshua for help, and the deliverance that they experienced was one of the most spectacular in all history. Jehovah threw the enemy into confusion, hurled hailstones on them from heaven, and caused the daylight to be extended miraculously until Israel had completely routed the enemy. (Joshua 10:1-14) That rescue of the Gibeonites was prophetic of an even more marvelous deliverance of a great crowd of worshipers of the true God at the universal war of Armageddon. The opportunity to benefit from that deliverance is open to people of every nation if they act wisely now. Are you availing yourself of that opportunity?—Revelation 7:9, 10.

  • Ding

    Thanks, Blondie.

    "Likely... may well foreshadow" = "We've got a point we want to make so we'll force it into the Bible here..."

  • Bella15

    Gee, I am telling you according to the Board of Directors of the WAtchtower Corporation the bible is just about them, not Jesus, not Israel, THEM.

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