Just noticed a .pdf New World Translation on jw.org

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  • sd-7

    Interesting. Always wanted a Bible I didn't have to carry, except preferably a more accurate one...

    One thing I noticed was, remember how they'd have the brackets [] to indicate words inserted, according to them, to complete the sense of what was meant in the original languages? I noticed that those brackets are gone, and the words are just in the text now. So if those words weren't what the original writers intended, well, now they are officially part of the Bible, according to the Society.

    Rather clever. Reminiscent of 'Animal Farm', to be sure. But at least it's a nice .pdf, eh?


  • No Room For George
    No Room For George

    Nice reference, SD............no animal shall sleep in beds [with sheets] All animals are equal [but some animals are more equal than others]

  • Elsewhere

    Can you provide a link?


  • dm6
  • TD

    Funny. I converted one to mobi and put it on my (JW) wife's kindle. --Every marriage needs a least one good deed a day

    --Sorry state of affairs when it falls to the unbelieving spouse to do this though.

  • the-illuminator81

    The brackets are still in the study bible.. you are not supposed to know about them until after you are baptized

  • soft+gentle

    great news sd-7 ... now I can download to my kindle ...thanks

    I don't mind about brackets or no brackets as the bible inclines towards groups making up their own truths ... what is important though is that they keep integrity to their own interpretation.

  • fokyc

    This is the link for the PDF:


    This link is for the online Bible:


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