What/ Who Makes You Laugh?

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  • minimus

    I love certain types of humor. I seldom have a belly laugh from someone telling a joke.

    I like observational humor. I enjoy comedians that can take an everyday part of life and share their funny observations with us. Jackie Mason and Dave Chappell make me laugh out loud because they are dead on in their understanding of human nature.

    Who do you like? What type of humor cracks you up??

  • minimus

    Bill Cosby does observational humor and I think he just isn't funny.

    David Letterman does almost nothing for me. Jay Leno, to me, is funny.

    Swearing usually isn't that funny but at times, with the proper delivery, it can be hilarious.

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    movies like "the big lebowsky". or "kill bill".

    blasphemous jokes, especially when in "the simpsons", "american dad", "family guy" or "southpark".

  • minimus

    Yes, blasphemy can be funny like Monty Python's The Life Of Brian.

  • sabastious
    What makes you laugh?

    A lot of things including people who flagrantly swear without even knowing it.



  • journey-on

    Some of the posters on this board are downright comedic geniuses. I won't name names, but Billy the Ex-Bethelite comes to mind as one of them, at least some of his older stuff.

    Added because I remember posting this a long time ago: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/jw/friends/139001/1/My-Award-for-Funniest-JWDers-this-week

  • Ding

    Reading Rutherford's nonsense makes me laugh.

    How any JW can read any of his stuff and still believe the WTS speaks for God is beyond me...

  • minimus

    Chris Rock is one of my favs!!!

    LOVE those HBO specials!

  • journey-on

    Reading anything of Dave Barry's makes me laugh.

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