Your only reward is the Horizon choose the direction

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  • Terry

    SPOILER ALERT!! If you are feeling depressed today don't bother reading this. Go pet a kitten or cuddle a child or smell the garden outside....

    Here goes...


    The idea of listening to God tell me something important is on the same level has holding out my hand as a rich relative hands me millions!

    But, if the money doesn't spend......?


    So much of what even the humblest person "hears" and follows leads to nothing at all but more of the same old same old.

    1.The same old "come quickly, Lord Jesus" searches the sky for Christ's return. The clock is still ticking on that one!

    2.The same old dark fear: Armageddon lurks in the shadows of our bedroom at night like the boogeyman.

    3.The same old job description: "Spread the Good News and the end will come" recycles the tired message as a quarter of a million new potential converts are born EVERY DAY! Talk about carrot and stick!

    4.The same old "Change your life and possess true happiness" sucks converts into local congregations where their hopeful smiles fade to black when the

    quality of day to day life swallows them up in cares.

    I pay attention to promises and guarantees while keeping a wary eye on PERFORMANCE of same.

    Christianity is perpetrating a Ponzi Scheme that promises riches while delivering precious little but the same old thing.

    Most pious, devout, "spiritual-minded" people live in a world of moral famine. They are starved for love, kindness, morality and hope.

    Religious promises offer SOMETHING as the world at large offers a big NOTHING.

    But, where is the PERFORMANCE on the promises?

    Moral people can live their life by high standards without giving 10% of their assets to "god".

    Loving people can demonstrate love without showing up at a building and jabbering bromides about an invisible leadership in the clouds.

    What good is an INVESTMENT that never pays anything but illsory dividends?

    Isn't religion a Ponzi scheme with big rewards AFTER YOU DIE? Think about that one for a moment! You pay now and collect later! Really??

    "Well, what else do we have to replace hope of eternal life?" You may well ask!

    Fine, go ahead and HOPE.

    I'm not stopping you.

    But, when I visit the local Rehab hospital this morning and see those old people (who have insurance) draped in their wheelchairs like a slumped bag of potatos.....I have to wonder.....

    Most all of them spent their lives as believing christians. They have tithed, sung praises to the Lord, prayed for mankind, given hopeful testimony and tried to raise their children upright and righteous. But now, when they NEED God to spill some treasure their way after a lifetime of pulling the handle on that one-armed bandit called FAITH.........the best ....the BEST....they can hope for is to DIE and be out of their misery.

    Do you hear what I'm on about here this morning?

    Our reward is "out there" on a horizon line. We can travel in any direction of choice but that horizon remains at the same distance regardless.

    In the final analysis, is there anything at all to any of this "god" thing besides a giant pile of "promises" that never come to pass?

    Each of us pays, performs, hopes, pays more, hopes more, seeks and knocks and the result? We slump in a wheelchair with a stroke and no family to come visit us trapped in silence inside a decaying body with the deafening sound of the clock tick tick ticking away what is left of us.

    Is God an investment with no alternative but certain doom?

    Is Faith a default setting rather than a real choice?

    Have you met anybody who died and gave a thumbs up that it was all true?

    I mean: for real?

  • thetrueone

    I think its the extending expectations that people go through under the premise of faith, that creates real tangible havoc with human

    inter-personal relationships, one faith battling another faith on as you say on the horizon line, but never an appearance of the spoken promise(s)

  • zeroday*

    … True…the ancients devoted massive GDP and faith to their Gods building

    impressive temples ie pyrmids etc. what did that get them…the scorn of being branded pagan by the new fangled Christianity…and now where are these Christians with their impressive temples

  • clarity

    Terry ............. I wish I could make you feel better ....& make myself feel better but ........ its not the "feeling" that is so illusive is it, .......... it's the KNOWING!


    I visit the the local nursing home as well, aware that this could be my future also, and my skin just crawls, my mind cringing at the sight and sounds and smells of the obvious "reward". And I don't KNOW.

    How could millions of strong vibrant brainy humans be reduced to the pitifullness of what happens ... in the "golden years? I don't KNOW.

    No matter what beliefs are held by each of us .... the outcome seems to be the same.


    In fact, didn't god say -"In the day that you eat from it ... you will DIE"!!!

    He said DIE. Nobody said anything about PROLONGED TORTURE!!


    As you say, nobody has come back from the dead to tell about it ....for real.

    So what is the reward?

    Maybe, just life itself. More an inner life perhaps, rather than outside ourselves.

    I guess, anything good after that ........ is a bonus.


  • WTWizard

    I find that spiritual "riches(??)" are even more worthless than the toilet paper dollars we possess in the US. At least the toilet papers can be used as toilet paper or tissue. And, for now people think they have some value--hence I can still buy stuff with them. I can buy things I need, things I know I will be needing, things I want that could become scarce in the future, and I can buy gold and silver. All because someone thinks they have real value.

    However, I would like to try and buy even one atom of silver (or even copper) with spiritual "riches(??)". Or one tiny Christmas light. Or one tiny AAAA battery. Or even the electricity to charge one AAA NiMH battery once. Or one tiny crumb of food. Yet, people get rid of their material wealth (including things of real value like gold and silver, batteries, food, and fun items) for spiritual "wealth(??)". Trouble is, they are going to take a bath--they will lose 100% of their investment. At least with paper "money", they can use it as toilet paper. Can you do that with spiritual "wealth(??)"?

  • Terry

    I'm sitting in the big community room right this moment at Rehabilitation Hospital in Fort Worth. There are 21 patients in the room. All are in wheel chairs.

    Dub, my one-legged former Baptist minister friend, is talking about "hope" today and calming the storm at sea and the "no fear" message.

    One lady is facing the window and starts singing to herself. Another lady is on a stretcher not twitching a muscle with her eyes closed (and has been for an hour.) At least half of the others never move, speak, or given any indication they have inner thoughts. Dixie, a regular, has profound birth defects. She is about 55 years old. She was in some sort of accident and cannot walk. Each and every week she says the same thing: "I want to walk!" And each week, Dub says to her, "You have to start from where you Are. First, thank god for where you are. You aren't dead. You aren't suffering. You can talk. You are here with friends today...."

    Somebody has donated a piano. I know they'll ask me to play something. I have no idea what it might be...or..even if it matters beyond the mere act of doing it FOR them...

    We are winding down now....

    The weather has cooled down (if I can use the term!) to about 89 instead of the continuous 105 here in Texas. But, the temperature on the 3rd floor here is a constant 77 degrees. The routine is fixed. Only the clock pretends something is happening...

  • clarity
  • Terry

    I think Carlin's ability to deflate was his 2nd greatest strength as a comedian. His first was that he was a "ground up" thinker who deconstructed

    what he thought and reassembled it into power points. The humor was mostly shock value because of raw language.

    We could stand a few social critics inside the Watchtower organization but they are not tolerated, of course.

    There is always a pompous ass ready to "counsel" you to put your brain in your back pocket:)

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