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  • irondork

    One of the points Ray Franz brought out in both his books is that most of the early literature is out of print and simply unavailable to Jehovah's Witnesses (or anyone else) today.

    Would there be any copyright issues involved in setting up a website, or an addition to this website (just a scenario) with a database of all this old leterature? Are writings from 100 years ago considered public domain now?

    I realize it would be a massive undertaking but with so many people contributing literature from their own collections...

    Just having in a blurb of thought.

  • irondork

    Ahem... "literature".

  • transhuman68

    Are you thinking of something like this?

    Lots of old books are free of copyright now, and are available here:

  • irondork

    DANG!!! You guys are good. I knew it could be done but I didn't think you could do it THAT fast.

    IMPRESSIVE!!! :)

  • discreetslave

    This site is a JW News site run by someone who calls himself the librarian. Just click archives for the publications.

  • bob1999

    I just downloaded From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained and read chapter 30 "What must you do to regain paradise"

    The WTS has people jumping through all kinds of hoops. Study, must know enough about the bible to explain it to others,

    You must meet with other people that have the same knowledge and faith...etc

    But in Acts 16:30 the jailer ask "What must I do to be saved?" Paul and Silas answered him saying "Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved...."


  • cptkirk

    hey, what's the name of that book "golden dawn"? "golden age" something like that? i know there was a jw book named something like this, that had inumerable insanities contained within. if that is available for download i'd like to get it. anyone know the actual name of the book ?

  • Doug Mason
    Doug Mason

    I think the magazine "Golden Age" was like a 1930s precursor to "Awake!". It was edited by a person who had the strangest "medical" ideas, although he did not carry on about the medical use of blood. I recall seeing an article (possibly from the late 30s/early 40s) which lauded the fact that a woman's life was saved through that procedure.

    Apologies for the lack of detail, but I do not have them immediately to hand.


  • cptkirk

    yea that's it doug, thankyou. it was the precursor to the awake magazine...(that medical story, another 100+-100=0)

    i remember when i started *seriously* questioning what was going on with this organization...i found myself on a web page i dont think it was this one...and it just had quote after quote after quote from that "golden age"....ideas that were Sooooo far from what is taught now. wonder if that full golden age library is still available, or just pieces of it.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Chasson has some of them online.

    Check this thread for them

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