Past Organized Attempts to Level the Playing Field with WTBTS

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    botr said "I've read discussions of this issues. It needs to be researched. I don't see any liability in general. People do horrid things to the Roman Catholic Church off-Broaday, museum shows, etc. Attacking them is not the same as attacking an individual. Also, if the WTS has free speech rights, we do, too. I don't want to say definitively until every possible lead has been researched."

    I noticed in the flock book link sab provided it was said that suing any brother would be seen as suing the Org with conquenses. . I don't know if those words have always carried strong sanctions, ( as we have always been told to not take out brother to court) but this seemed to imply a punishment for this.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    This is a Jesus saying in at least one gospel. Take your brother -- the Org. is not my brother. The Org. was never my brother. They have more than one lawyer working full time to make certain the rank and file are screwed. Those lawyers do not represent the religion, the org. and all members. I would not hesitate to get around them.

    If you are out, there is nothing they can do. For those still in or have family still in, it is a very problematic scenario. I would never duel them on their terms. Shifting the conversation would help. I am certain they have written plans for every contingency. I am talking lay power. Witnesses must have a stereotypical view of apostates. I imagine they see low cut and tight outfits on women, seedy men, and screaming with anger. During the early civil rights movement, you could not march unless you were immaculate. Also, their main marchers were students b/c students could miss time from school more than wage earners.

    People don't show up on Piers Morgan, Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc. by accident. They make themselves attractive to producers.

    Anyway, I would never do it alone. I came here to see what current doctrine was. Somehow I could not visit their site without an anxiety attack. If one thing has stood out for me, here, it is the cult nature of the Witnesses. They are at war with their lay people. Some things that I noticed growing up I did not know whether my experience was unique or whether it was systemic. I notice that regardless of agreement about doctrine, etc. everyone agrees on a certain WT culture existing.

    Lay power works in my present denomination.

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    RICO? Dont' know. Theoretically, who has standing to demand to see the books. I've always wanted to research the federal tax exemption status.

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    Aussie Oz

    One ant will not hurt an elephant...

    1,000,000 ants will...

    We all be ants...

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