Satan - the master deceiver makes bad look good

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  • wannabefree

    (sarcasm) Jehovah's Witnesses have the truth, any good that is done by other religions is a deception of Satan to keep people away from the truth as taught exclusively by Jehovah's Witnesses. (end sarcasm)

    Crazy, but that is what JW's believe ... I believed it ... sure, there were times that it caused dissonance ... but I accepted that explanation, you have to in order to think you have the truth, how else can you justify the good done by people of other faiths, sure, you could write off some of it as the natural good that comes from people being created in God's image, but too much good from anything religious must be a tool of Satan to distract you from the truth taught exclusively by Jehovah's Witnesses.

    A non-denominational Christian church that is relatively new in my area has experienced considerable growth and attracts all kinds of people. They started out with just a few families worshipping together and have grown to purchase a modest building, they have Bible studies, youth activities, prayer chains, established a soup kitchen, and members are very active volunteering in different ways.

    In the past 10 years, the local Kingdom Hall has had one person baptized besides a few born-in children. This church had 250 people at a service last Sunday.

    Why is Satan so busy making these good things happen just to keep people out of the Kingdom Hall?

    If God's Spirit does work with these people, would calling it a deception of Satan be sinning against God's Spirit? Wouldn't it be the same as the pharisees telling Jesus that he expelled demons by power from the ruler of the demons?

  • cptkirk

    "Wouldn't it be the same as the pharisees telling Jesus that he expelled demons by power from the ruler of the demons?"

    that's exactly what it is. ofcourse accepting the premise of any of it to begin with. every house divided against itself will not stand.

    interesting in those verses jesus refers to "satan's kingdom", then one sentence later he refers to him as beezlebub. wonder why he uses this variance within one sentence of well as the context calling for absolute clarity. does seem odd?

  • trailerfitter

    there is a good history programme on you tube about satan and how the churches used the concept to deceive,torture and murder 60 000 to 200 000 people over 300 years because they were supposedly in league with the devil. This evil thinking should stop in the 21st centrury shouldn't it?

    Search the history of the devil 1/5 if you want to watch gives a sensible look at the devil satan and the concepts in the 5 parts split up on you tube ( former TV documentary. Interesting to hear that Jesus apparently was talking about a rubbish dump in Jerulsalem and not about the fire pitys of hell as most christians would fear. ( sorry I do not know how to insert you tube links yet

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