Video: Japan Tsunami Footage from Inside Car

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  • leavingwt

    "Yu Muroga was in his car during the japanese tsunami (3.11.2011) and filmed all the scene with a camera mounted on the dashboard."

  • PSacramento

    That's some freaky shit...

  • Nickolas

    amazing. (and the Japanese narrative detracts little if at all). Thanks for sharing.

  • Leolaia

    This is the original video; you can watch the footage in 1080p hi def:

  • leavingwt


  • botchtowersociety

    Those Japanese cars float pretty well. I would have thought they'd sink faster.

  • ohiocowboy

    Thanks for sharing! That is just a tiny taste of the unimaginable horrors that many people felt that day. I wish that I could help them more. Seeing all of the cleanup over just a few months, makes me appreciate them even more. There are large areas that you would never know that something bad had happened because of the clean up. They did not rely on the Government to bail them out, rather they picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and worked together to try to improve their own situation, as well as others who needed help. If more people acted this way and helped themselves instead of waiting for the Government, bad situations such as this can be easier to handle. We can learn a lot from the stark contrast between the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, Hurricane Katrina, the Haiti earthquake, the Chilean earthquake, midwest floods etc. They were all disasters, yet the way people reacted afterwards made the outcomes in each situation totally different.

  • Leolaia

    Here is a recent Scientific American article on how the tsunami exceeded not just expectations but live-on-the-ground computer modeling from the earthquake itself:

    The actual tsunami reached 50m (over 160 feet) in some places, an order of magnitude higher than the warnings given by the tsunami warning system (3-5m). This may have led some people taking refuge in places that were not high enough to be safe, and people further inland feeling they were out of the tsunami's reach. The lesson is that it is definitely on the safer side to overestimate than underestimate the magnitude of the tsunami.

    The Fukushima-Daichi complex was hit by a 15m wave, higher than the seawalls built to protect the reactors could withstand. Most seawalls protecting coastal towns were easily overtopped.

    Although improvements can and should be made, there are some things mother nature throws at us that no one could adequately prepare for. We cling to a living planet that in the past has seen events far beyond the scale of anything our species has experienced. However all disasters no matter the scale have human toll that cannot be fathomed.

  • kurtbethel

    What Leolaia said. With added visuals.

    doom from above. so you really thought the earth was safe

  • Leolaia

    It is hard to imagine a 20 or 30m tsunami, much less a splash-up several times as high as the crashing wave. I've edited together some videos from Youtube that show just how enormous the waves were, including images of the waves hitting the Fukushima Daichi plant.

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