Lets say a bible character was reserrected, I did calculations how long it would take to meet one billion people......................................

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  • andys

    Could you imagine the chaos, everyone wanting to meet a ressercected bible character, i did some calculations today and this is very interesting what I came up with, lets say there was only 1 billion people on the earth at the time of a bible characters reserrection, i did the math on how long it would take for just one billion people to meet a bible character, if the bible character was meeting people every second for 24 hours a day that would be about 31.7 years to meet one billion people...........................................

  • blond-moment

    I used to think about that. All those people I wanted to meet, and everyone else would want to meet. Then I had a thought, that is a "celebrity" reaction. Would we still have those then? Would it matter to us then? I decided it wouldn't, so it wouldn't be an issue. (personal opinion only)

  • Heaven

    This can also be applied to meeting Jesus when he returns so I guess it's gonna take a while when that happens.

    Oh wait, silly me.... it ain't gonna. Nevermind. Carrying on as if we were normal....

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    My mom told me how eager she was to meet the Old Testament princes at their special home. Later when they did not arrive with their luggage, she was told it was a figurative return. It crushed her. She planned what she would wear to meet Noah and Moses!

    I've thought of it. Think of the Pope and multiply by trillions. Jesus would need to do Larry King, Pier Morgan, and Meet the Press. Somehow I know PBS and NPR would get quality time from him. I imagine that every cable and broadcast channel would drop their regular programing as they did during September 11th or major crises, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis. Pool coverage would never work. Special issues of People and Time magazine. Commemorative plates and coins would abound. People could twitter questions. Oh, the Facebook traffic.

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