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  • metatron

    Why I Hate Laptops! (and the edit doesn't work)

    Anyhow, I read the amusing 'How to Manage Money' (Sept ) and see that the Grand Masters Of Time And Space really don't get it. Saving? Budgeting? With what money?

    Since they operate amidst fantasy, I shouldn't be surprized that they think Joe Witness is blowing money on I-phones, new cars, and vacations. The reality is that the organization is loaded with education-challenged, paycheck to paycheck, broke-a$$ people who can't afford health insurance.

    Of course, we shouldn't be surprized that they dumped nearly hopeless Bethelites into the worst job market in 60 years.' Jehovah will provide, Brother Sucker'. When your every need is cared for - like the Governing Body, with their recreation facility being built, - I suppose observing the hardships of the 'little people' can be difficult.


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    Haha those assholes wouldn't know the first thing about trying to stay afloat in this current world. They've lived behind tall white walls for years whilst enjoying their cult celebrity status.

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