The Young Dandy

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    An overweening sense of self-importance and the necessity of preserving an immaculate outward appearance prevented the young dandy from initially lending the old man a helping hand.

    The elderly gent, ambling along the bumpy cobblestones sufficiently well till one of his ill-fitting shoes caught its toe in a mild depression in the otherwise smooth path worn lustrous by centuries of pedestrian and horse-drawn cart passage, took a forward tumble, landed in a bedraggled heap and let out a tiny yelp that bespoke an expected discomfort but an unanticipated assault on the pauper's innate dignity.

    Not so much a heart inured against the suffering of the lower classes as principally a congenital awareness of propriety and decorum about a proper gentleman's look was young Gottlieb Furioso's unspoken but deeply felt concern. Surely, the younger male was schooled in the universal laws of beneficence, particularly that of noblesse oblige. However, the inopportune soiling of his pale doeskin gloves was sufficient reason for restraint and discretion in deciding what looming circumstance amongst the ever-present needy of the world was one of extreme need as opposed to a situation of far lesser gravity.

    The Master had declared that the poor would ever be in our midst: one sole individual cannot feed nor clothe nor house the teeming mass of so-called human detritus. No matter; a helping hand the circumstance demanded, a helping, gloved hand would offer kindly assistance.

    "Thank you, kind sir, for helping an old man. Blessings upon you and your household."

    Young Gottlieb smiled as he gently raised the doddering man to his feet, not noticing that his gloves had been soiled.

  • sizemik

    Nice CoCo . . .

    A good heart always has the gloves off.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Good morning, Sizemik!

    That's what clean-hands CoCo must continually tell himself.

    Have a great day.


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Lewis was late for work and speeding along so as not to miss the train into the city but as he glanced to his right a little kitten cowering at the curb got his attention. seeing the station in the distance his thoughts were yea I made it in time but the kitten was in his mind. what a softy for the feline , he had to go back. Turning around he spotted the kitten and picked it up and in the distance he heard the sound of the train. The kitty purred and lewis was smitten. Later at the local animal hospital there was breaking news, disastarous train derailment the color drained from lewis and he felt weak an as dr. frank handed him the kitty he held her tight becuse she had saved his life that day.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thank you, dear Nancy, for your touching vignette! I have only now discovered your valuable contribution.


    CoCo le Chat

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