Bethelites do they get raises?

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  • jam

    Do the bethel heavies get the same amount of

    money as the lower bethelites, do the dept. heads

    get the same as a new person.

    Who writes the checks and who is held accountable

    for the checks written to the Heavies at Bethel?

  • leavingwt

    All Bethelites get the same 'reimbursement' each month.

    However, some of the older members of the family receive Social Security checks, because of having met the FICA tax requirements from years ago. (FICA taxes are no longer paid for Bethel volunteers, hence the 'Vow of Poverty' that is signed by incoming Bethelites.)

  • jam

    That,s insane. I know many bethelites realize "millions

    living today will die in this system." The end is not near as

    much as they preach it.

    The vow of proverty, yea right, who is going to take care of

    their broke ass when they are kick out after years of service.

    They certainly can not count on their saving from years of

    service at bethel.

  • MrFreeze

    How much do Bethelites make? Isn't it like 100 a month. They work for less than a dollar an hour. Its pretty mich slave labor.

  • leavingwt

    When I left in December of 2000, it was $100 per month. It has been raised, since then. During my years, we would generally receive a tiny increase, when the MTA raised the subway fares.

    Keep in mind, of the $100 received, I was forced to spend more than $30 of it on subway tokens. So, you're essentially bringing home less than $2 per day. Which, in practical terms means that simply buying a Coca Cola was spending most of your day's wage, if you chose to do so.

    NOTE: Each Bethelite also has what is known as a PEA (Personal Expense Account). This is a fancy name for a single annual payment of $240 to $400+ dollars, depending upon the years served. You could almost buy one suit or one plane ticket with you entire PEA.

  • discreetslave

    When I was there, there were bonuses given before the district convention season to help cover travel expenses. I can't remember the exact amount it was like 20 dollars for every 2 years of full time service up to 20 years or so. Bethelites had to pay for anything they got from the commissary. They're expected to put in a donation for their medications, dry cleaning, and the literature they get from the bethel Bookrooms.

  • leavingwt

    I particularly enjoyed paying for LOCAL PHONE CALLS. Sort of gave it that cheap hotel feeling, except with worse breakfast.

  • jam

    The vow of poverty might well be questioned,

    especially when the world as A whole is trying

    to eraducate poverty. A life of hardship is neither

    neccessary nor righteous.

    It,s A scam, and the hypocrisy.

    By law, A vow of perpetual poverty may be taken

    by it,s members, this not preclude the order itself

    from owning corporately any estate or effects.

    You see the hypocrisy. When these people leave

    bethel the state may have to take care of some

    of them.

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