Have you considered the fact there is NO pure, useful Doctrine necessary?

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  • Terry

    For fifteen hundred years, the only christian church officially vested with authenticity was the Catholic Church.

    At least, this was THEIR claim.

    Authority, so they said, was passed on to them by Jesus himself when he established Peter as "upon THIS rock" (Peter=petra_). Peter was the church's first "father" or Papa=POPE.

    Additionally, the entire tradition of teachings from Jesus forward gave them MAGESTERIUM. When official pronouncements were made about faith and morals these teachings were binding on earth and in heaven. Eventually, infallibility was attached.

    The various church corruptions and political intrigues cast grave doubt upon the purity of this institution.

    Martin Luther, a young monk, challenged the church on their corruptions. This led to debate, expulsion and schism.

    PROTESTANTISM needed a source of Authority to rival and surpass Catholicim.

    Luther invented SOLA SCRIPTURA.

    Instead of church traditions (Magesterium) Luther said the BIBLE ALONE (empowered by holy spirit) was ALL any christian believer needed for TRUTH.


    We stand looking back through history at those events, those assertions, those CLAIMS of authority.

    NEITHER Catholicism nor PROTESTANT denominational variants have made good on claims of DIRECTION from God, Jesus or Holy Spirit.

    How do we know this? "By their fruits you shall know them."

    Protestantism engaged in an unending series of bloody wars both against Catholics and against each other. Brother killed brother.

    Non-violent sects/cults/denominations have proved to be marginal purveyors of idiosyncratic doctrine and effectiveness.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are just one of a long line of schismatic Adventists devoted to novelty, false claims of sole Truth and false prophetic teachings.

    The PREMISE that we need a formal building, community or organization of theocrats ruling by decree is a FALSE premise.

    Jesus' model of behavior of charity, kindness, goodness, mildness, love and self-sacrifice has to be the shoes a christian walks in WAY BEFORE they get on their high horse and lecture others on CORRECT DOCTRINE!

    God, apparently, did NOT safeguard any pure worship, practice or theology beyond showing love, forgiveness and charity.


  • clarity

    Because, "Religion is a Snare and a Racket"


    gee Rutherford finally gets to be right!

  • Terry

    Rutherford, at that point, KNEW whereof he spoke: personal experience!

    Rutherford was like a virus. He broke into an already existing body and took over the operations therein. He hijacked, mutated and multiplied for his own purposes. He is an inspiration to viral epidemics everywhere!

  • LV101

    great post, as usual, terry.

    it can be difficult finding association (if one believes the scripture about not forsaking the gathering, bla bla) w/honesty, forgiveness/charity in or out of church.

  • PSacramento


    It is and always will be about control.

    This is why Adam and Eve ate the fruit, why the Hebrews rebelled against God over and over and why Jesus was killed.


    Some People want it and those people want to excerice it over those that want to be controlled.

    Hence the formation of religion/ideologies from the dawn of time.

    That and Hierachies.

    Jesus on the other hand was all about giving UP control to God, not to men, not to organizations or groups or even conquering nations.

    The control that those types have is only the control over what we LET them have or what they can TAKE.

    They can't control and take spiritual freedom or faith, regardless of what they try.

    And that is a pretty scary message for those in power and wanting to control others.

    Free spirits, people guided by love and a force they can't be killed or controlled ( the HS), people that let love for eachother guide their actions...

    Not that is a scary thing, how does one control that?

    You organize it, stamp a name on it, trademark it and push the line that freedom starts HERE.

    LOL !

  • paulnotsaul

    Break it down brother Terry. peace paulnotsaul

  • Terry

    Break it down brother Terry.

    I fit that description! Broken down:)

  • paulnotsaul

    Terry, as my wife would say "God is dealing with you man". I see strenght in you. Your words, thoughts,feeling,and parallels on topics are on point. You question the answers and then answer the questions. I love the passion you put into each piece. Keep'm coming Terry. Show'm what'ca got! peaceman. paulnotsaul

  • agonus

    The fact that Rutherford was a former door-to-door encyclopedia salesman wouldn't have any bearing on his... er... "unique" approach to religion... would it? ;-P

    And he accused folks who wore beards of "creature worship" because of Chuckie's facial hair...

  • Terry

    Meddling Type A personality control-issue knuckle-draggers=Governing Body.

    In your face/in your business, on your back, judgemental, megalomaniacs.

    Did I leave anything out?

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