I just ordered a Lot of Vintage Awake and Watchtower magazines....

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  • PenelopePaige

    I received them a few days ago. There are 50 magazines from the 70s through the 90's. I've only been able to glance through and read a few articles but this is what struck me so far;

    1. An article on Pioneering where they say that an older gentleman went to the elders to let them know he would have to stop pioneering because he, "Had bills to pay!" - tells how they asked him specifically what it was he needed. He explained that he needed new eyeglasses but could not afford them. They reasoned with him that he could spend a day working in the tobacco field, make the $20 to pay for glasses and go right back to Pioneering! Which he did. Goes on to say that he continued to pioneer until he died. ! WTF??

    2. An article about an old woman, written by her, telling how she is annointed and will be ruling in Heaven with Christ. She tells her life story and goes on to talk about her fellow JW's who are looking forward to Paradise Earth, but not her, as she will be ruling with Jesus. I just read this thinking , "Oh my God, this woman is mentally ill and they've given her a platform!"

    Other than that, I haven't read much. I did read a very good article in the Watchtower on why you should love your neighbor and one about T.V. "The Box that ruined the world" or something like that, that was a fantastic article and gave some very good points.

    I can't wait to read through them more, should be interesting. I think the magazines do have some great articles and make great points save for the few WTF scatterings here and there......

  • BluesBrother

    I wonder if this is the one......( I thought that a tobacco field was a bit odd for J W 's, this is coffee), but the relevant facts are the same.

    WT 1993 9/15 p30

    Discouragement may cause some to leave the pioneer ministry. (Proverbs 24:10) One pioneer told a traveling overseer: “I’m going to stop pioneering. . . . I have bills to pay.” He needed eyeglasses that cost 20 dollars. “Are you going to quit pioneering because of a 20-dollar need?” asked the overseer. It was suggested that the pioneer work in the local coffee plantation for a day, earn the 20 dollars, buy the glasses, and keep on pioneering. Further conversation revealed that the basic problem was discouragement over expensive car repairs. It was recommended that the pioneer reduce expenses by driving each day within a radius of a few miles instead of over a large area. He was also advised to maintain his spirituality. The pioneer applied the advice and six months later received his call to attend Gilead School. After graduation he was assigned to a foreign country and served there faithfully for many years until his death. Yes, great blessings often result if we do not succumb to discouragement but bear in mind that Jehovah is with us.

    Yes, pioneer 'til you drop, that is a blessing!

  • Mr. Falcon
    Mr. Falcon

    Penelope and BluesBrother, thank you for posting those. They make for hilarious reading.

    Jehovah has certianly blessed those faithful workers. However, I just have a few small "issues" with those experiences. We are told that God doesn't alway provide material relief and instantly solve our problems, much the way that these down-and-out fellas had happen to them. That old guy got glasses? That's awesome! But what about all the other JWs in similar situations who don't get the material things they need? Sorry, better luck next time, thanks for playing!

    Those unfortunate ones may look upon Brother Divine-Glasses as being specially favored by God, since he received direct help in the form of the material things that he needed. So are they suggesting that God is a game-show host handing out prizes to lucky contestants? The WTBS thinks it's encouraging JWs with these stupid made up experiences, but in reality they are just contridicting their own doctrines.

  • ziddina

    "Andre" is at it again, as I live and breathe...

  • PenelopePaige

    BluesBrother- Yes, Coffee makes more sense than Tobacco! Don't know why I had in my head Tobacco field- but that's the article I read :)

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