Part of me wants the Borg to carry on doing what it does

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  • TheyCantDoATing Man
    TheyCantDoATing Man

    There are times when I hate the Borg. When I think about my lost childhood in it, the Draconian level of authority and all the idiots I had to put up with over the years, I get very bitter, angry and resentful.

    I went through a stage of turning the other cheek and praying for thine enemies but that didn't really work for me. I remained on boiling point, simmering under the surface.

    I now have reached a more pragmatic viewpoint. I know there are a few good people in the Borg, but when I think to all the people I personally know still in it, I think to myself, Long live the Borg. I remember how I was treated when I left and how people I considered my friends completely turned their backs on me. I recall how nobody bothered to call and I was even blanked in public places. I think to my family still in it. And now I think TO HELL WITH THEM! On a warm summers night, I am sipping a beer without a care in the world for anything Borg related... but those people are stuck sweating their asses off inside a humid Kingdumb hell. Running around like ants, giving their money away, becoming more and more bogged down mentally with the whole charade.

    I sometimes watch them pilling into the hall, trying desperately to look enthused. Those weary souls! I watch them in the heat of summer with their ministry bags, sun beating down trying to find one retard to take a magazine.

    I saw an old aquantence from the hall the other day. Not seen him in 10 years. I decided to beep my horn to see his reaction; he was on the 'service' with his wife and kids. There was a queue of traffic facing them as they struggled up a steep hill. He had his face to the ground in almost embarrassment. I caught his attention and he gave a wry smile, turning away after a brief second in a matter of fact display of arrogance. I laughed at loudly as the traffic got moving again. I realized on my way home that the Borg isn't all that bad after all.

    In saying this, I can see mass suicides if the Borg ever does fall.

  • punkofnice

    We'd like the bOrg to fall but I don't think it will in all honesty...that really WOULD be a miracle!

    They're probably running out of cash and will skin the flock more to get more out of them to fill the gaps.

    It'll end up a clapped out shadow of itself with sad faced yet supremely arrogant old farts sitting in the kingdum hell still blathering on about how the end is SOON*

    *(Terms and conditions apply and are subject to 'overlapping' or ‘New Light’TM or which ever makes the GB look like God!)

  • james_woods
    In saying this, I can see mass suicides if the Borg ever does fall.

    Maybe, maybe not. I will bet you more than half would be glad to be free from it, and just move on to the next splinter movement.

    I also think you may be overlooking the many (essentially) suicidal deaths they have caused with their insane blood-medical policy and their anti-government obsession in such places as Malawi.

  • alanv

    I think it is really good how you have moved on and can laugh about it. I had the same experience with a JW who was a close family friend and neighbour. As soon as she heard me telling my JW son that birthdays were not unchristian she makes a point of completely shunning me whenever we saw each other It was hilarius. You could see her physically putting her nose in the air and looking away.

  • LostGeneration

    I had a hard time with the "living well is the best revenge" thinking that you describe here. It takes a few years at least I think once you are out to make my own peace with the JW religion. It hurts to see some that I still consider "friends" waste much of their life away like you describe, but for so many others I agree with you 100%. I think of my dad who got screwed by the 1975 deal and also by so many elders in his life, and yet now he spends his retirement in the recruiting work instead of golfing or travelling. I guess people get what they deserve if they aren't willing to deal honestly with themselves.

    If it wasn't the b0rg, so many of these would just be in some other cult or religion, bashing the rest of humanity. The only ones I really feel for are the kids, they don't have a choice. Hopefully the continued growth of the internet will help the great majority of them leave as they become adults.

  • the-illuminator81

    I think it would be great to see a decrease in the number of publishers and look at them try to spin that with lame excuse after lame excuse. There won't be a drastic failure but I think within the next 10 years the membership will start to decline and pretty soon there won't be many left and they will become even more trivial to the world than they already are.

  • agent zero
    agent zero

    we dream of the day we see the tower fall to the ground. many would feel freed or shocked and move on with their lives, but i would fear for the old generation of lifers who have put their whole life into this. could be scary to see what would happen to them

  • roxanesophia

    The last convention I went to, the speaker concluded one of his talks with "There may come a time when we'll be cut off from the governing body" and there were gasps all around. By this time I already knew the truth about the truth so i wasn't surprised at all to learn the watchtower will fall with every other false religion they harp on about. But what that speaker says contradicts the belief that they WILL be the last religion standing because they're the true one. Would God allow his organization to fall? No. And no JW even questioned it. Made me think the speaker didn't really believe it himself or the GB is now preparing people for the TRUTH!

  • agonus

    Did the speaker happen to mention what exactly a JW is supposed to do should they be cut off from the sacred utterances of the slaveful ones?

    Honestly, I think half of them would secretly rejoice. The other half probably would be suicidal.

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