"it's not about people"

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  • stillin

    that is what my wife always says if I express discontent with the present-day Organization. I should just put my unease aside and serve Jehovah, regardless of what the other people are doing. BUT THEY ARE JUST PLAIN EMBARRASSING SOMETIMES! And how can I in good conscience go out and direct strangers to "grab ahold of the skirt of a Jew" (aka come into this organization) when things are so dubious?

    If it's not about people, then it's a totally private matter.

  • cptkirk

    yea. i couldn't justify this either. how am i supposed to go knock on people's doors, tell them to come follow this organization, when the guy they assigned to work with me has like 5 schemes going to destroy the reputation of 2-3 other people in the congregation (i'm knocking on people's doors to tell them about love?)....and half the people are nuts..the other half in cognitive dissonance...ummm sorry i got some serious conscientious objections here, peace. i'll leave you all to your impending collapse, count me out.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    How can anybody claim "it is not about people", when Jesus Christ said that theindicator of true Christianity was that they have love among themselves? In other words, if it is not about people - as your wife claims - then it bloody well ought to be!


  • journey-on

    It has everything to do with people.

    If you are trusting them to be some sort of chosen channel for Truth that Leads to your Everlasting Life, you better KNOW exactly who these people are...what their track record is...and where they are leading you exactly. I'll bet dollars to donuts 90% of them cannot even tell you the names and family background of half the Governing Body. And I won't even mention the doofus bunch of elders that hold your current Life in their hands. I have seen them ruin too many families with their judgements!!

  • cptkirk

    bungi bill: i cant tell you how many times i went round and round with that same premise. that is exactly what i would say too. if the identifying mark is love among eachother, how can you say it's not about people? crazy

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I quit going in FS months before I quit the meetings . My thought was the same as others have stated here 'How can I ask others to come into the congregation when I found the people there full of back biting ,deciet,and jealousy ??????"

    The prevelant statement "They are imperfect men " started out as an explaination of the Governing Body when they made a mistake. If they are given such leeway ,and they are God's chosen channel , then why are they so hard to judge Christendom ? Are they not imperfect also ?

    The congregation of true Christians was suppose to be identified by the LOVE among themselves . In my experience that love proved very shallow and conditional ......not genuine love and caring . I do believe there are individuals among the congregation that have genuine love in their hearts for others ,but it is slowly being sucked out of them .

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