on neighbourhood watch schemes

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  • Curtains

    the police are encouraging residents to form neighbourhood watch groups and are trying to get as many people involved as poss. Does anyone here have experience of this kind of thing?

    I think I might join but on the other hand I think it may be quite risky and alienating.

    The huge police presence after the london riots will gradually lessen and the gangs will be back. They use our road as a link between two main getaway points and on their way through they tend to damage cars and property. They carry knives and are involved with drug pushers and a neighbourhood watch scheme may be a deterrent.

    The police have been busy cleaning up. Last night we had an armed police raid in the neighbourhood (this is quite unusual here in London). The previous couple of days police were doing home visits from long lists of people who'd taken part in the looting and rioting. Also knives, cash tills, metal bars and some drugs were found buried in flower beds on public property around here. Police ahve been going around with metal detectors.

    Perhaps we ought to just move

  • Hortensia

    yeah, curtains - I think you need to move

    to a small town without much of a crime problem

  • Curtains

    Hortensia, I'm thinking seriously about moving. We could make quite a profit on our property especially now because of the Olympics next year and then buy something in a nicer neighbourhood quite easily.

    My husband is against moving as all his ties are in this area.

  • Violia

    Our neighborhood has one. We have an officer assigned to us. We can call anytime with concerns. Ours got started when an 80 yr old woman was robbed and assulted. The neighborhood swung into action. The police got the 2 guys who did it but the neighbors helped a lot. We look out for each other .The police have no problem running tags. We have a yearly party with a band ( locals) garage sale, etc. our city counselman was at our last yard party. We have a website and message board so all can post with issues and concerns. It has cut the crime rate down a lot. It has also cut down on drive through traffic. It has become common knowledge that we call in tags so we don't see as much of it as before. We also were having a lot of issues with what the police called 'Irish Gypsies". They said they had not seen anything like this since the Great Depression.

    Our goal is just to keep our neighborhood a safe place for children to grow up and older folks to feel safe in their homes and to let it become common knowledge about town that we are proactive in protecting our neighborhood.

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