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  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    a few days ago i started editing a few articles on jehovah's witnesses in the german wikipedia, mostly to clarify some things about the disfellowshipping practise. while my - carefully worded - changes were accepted so far i noticed the following problem:

    wikipedia needs secondary sources, preferrably scientific ones. topics about disfellowshipping are often discussed in internal papers like "our kingdom ministry". many secondary sources have to be discarded because often they are NPOV and not scientific.

    now i was thinking about how to compile a scientific secondary source about internal rules of jehovah's witnesses. like statistics by asking many (ex)jws certain questions. and quotes of internal documents. because as it is now you can only point to sources that will be labeled "questionable" and NPOV at best when trying to add a KM quote for example.

    does anyone have the authority/means/a clue or whatever is needed to create such a source? i don't have a degree so i guess i'm out...

  • bohm

    Hofer: Im sorry about your frustrations, wikipedia edit dickery and scientic dickery is like the perfect storm of dickery :-). My advice would be not to bother, and dig up your sources for DF'ing in other places. Master (or preferably, phd thesis) on jehovahs witness qualify in all normal circumstances as published scientific work, and I think your effort is better spend if you can slap one of those on as references, even though the only thing it add to the article is the "magic quotable source".

  • J. Hofer
    J. Hofer

    hm yeah, what i did now was reading some of the sources and correct the info the article presented. JWs are famous of misquoting stuff out of context. so for now i have to stick with the current cited sources for a while and extract their real message. a new scientific source made by "insiders" (us) would be really cool though...

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