I'm starving for love... of food

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  • Glander

    Today is pre-colonoscopy day. My second in 6 yrs. I had forgotten the biggest annoyance of these degrading procedures. The purging and starvation the day before so that they can take stick their things into you and take their filthy pictures without puting them off their lunch by seeing something nasty in your poop shoot.

    Right now, I could eat the ass out of a dead skunk.

    Time for another cup of chicken broth.

  • wasblind

    Poor Glander :(

    I feel for you, and I'm laughin' too

    the a** out of a dead skunk ??? your are hungry :)

  • Scully

    As with any surgical procedure, they prefer empty bowels to non-empty ones.

    I'd think the rationales would be pretty self-explanatory. I mean, if you had to poke around someone else's bum in the name of science and medicine, would you want to minimize the amount of poop that could potentially explode all over you, or not?

    If it makes you feel better, you can still fart in their general direction. And hopefully Mrs Glander will make you something special to make up for your starvation diet....

  • Glander

    All went well. The drug they gave me was amazing. I don't remember anything of that day after Dr.Knock-out said "ok, here we go". So I'm good for another 10 yrs.

    I have wallet size and a few 5x7's available for free, just pay shipping and handling.

  • Scully

    Used to be that you'd have to pay for dinner and a movie first....

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