WT 8-14-11 "God Recommends His Love To Us"

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  • dontplaceliterature

    Not trying to steal Blondie's thunder here, as I'm sure she will post something today, BUT....

    Paragraph 3: "And what are individuals called upon to do to qualify for it?"

    We've obviously heard this before. How is forgiveness of sins a "free gift" if you must qualify for it? The words "qualify" and "earn" are not even in the Bible with reference to salvation/forgiveness.

    Paragrah 13: "It is not that God owed it to the apostles and others to apply the ransom because they had performed certain good works. Instead, God applied the ransom in their behalf out of his mercy and great love."

    Which is it? Paragraph 3 said we had to do something to earn it? Seems like double-speak to me!

    Paragraph 20: "[Those with an earthly hope] have not received "the free gift of righteousness" with heavenly life in view "through the release by the ransom paid by Christ Jesus."...The gift such ones receive--friendship with God--differs from "the free gift" the anointed recieve."

    It has been mentioned before on this forum when this article first came out for DL from jw.org, but here you have it in plain black-and-white: IF YOU ARE NOT OF THE ANNOINTED, JESUS RANSOM DOES NOT PROVIDE YOU WITH FREE FORGIVENESS OF SINS!

    It is unbelievable to me that they would make such a bold statement (unless I am misunderstanding something) and expect to get away with it. Yet, I seriously doubt anyone will bat an eye at the Watchtower discussion today. It will most likely be ignored, especially since it is toward the end of the lesson and everyone will just be thinking about getting the hell out of the Kingdom Hall.

    Did anyone else get a chance to look this article over? Thoughts?

  • cyberguy

    Hey dontplaceliterature,

    The WT has always made similar claims in the past about the so-called “anointed” getting all the benefits, whereas the “other sheep” get virtually nothing, yet are required to play by all the rules. At “memorial” talks I’ve attended, some speakers have even mentioned that the Bible was only written to the “anointed,” not to the majority sitting in the audience! And you’re also correct in saying that most JWs will not bat an eye at what is stated, but gulp it right down with the rest of the poison.

    Actually, the “ransom” for the “other sheep” is the “organization!” In the “Live Forever” book (as well as in some Public Talk Oulines), it’s described as the “Noah’s Ark” of today, and the only means of salvation for the “other sheep” if they hope to survive Armageddon! If someone wanted to reject the ransom provision of God’s Son and spit in God’s face-I can’t think of anything more despicable than what the WT has published! It’s not just wrong, it’s absolutely discusting! This is one of the main issues that finally woke me up out of the stupor I was in! Will this be you wakeup call too?



  • ziddina

    "It is not that God owed it to the apostles and others to apply the ransom because they had performed certain good works. ..."


    But that goes TRIPLE for the Governing Body!!!

  • WTWizard

    I notice this. You don't "deserve" it, yet you have to earn it. That is like telling me that, after I do something in exchange for a monster box of silver, that the silver is "undeserved" even though I carried out the task. And, that task in Jehovah's case is something that wastes (and usually ruins) people's whole lives.

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