London Riots Sparked by cops Beating 16 year old girl

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    This has come out and changes a lot in the understanding of what might be going on. There is a video on youtube now -'s insane. It was originally a peaceful protest until 15 cops beat a young girl to the ground with shields and batons - an eye witness to the whole event gave his report on what happened but it seems to be unheard for the most part.



    The riots in London have spread into neighbor suburbs tonight as reports emerge that peaceful protests turned violent after Police started beating a 16 year girl. Evidence has also emerged that police lied about the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting of the man which sparked the initial protests.

    The news in London is moving quite fast so here is the latest – For the absolute latest the Guardian’s live blog of the riots is here.

    1) Evidence emerges that police lied about the killing of man which sparked the initially peaceful the protests.

    Several UK newspapers are reporting evidence has emerged that casts doubt on the official police version about the fatal shooting that sparked the protests.

    Police claimed that they were involved in a gun fight with a criminal gangster and shot him dead in response to a shot he first fired which they claimed barely missed an officer inside the car and was lodged in the radio of a police officers car.

    The problem with the story is ballistics show the bullet recovered from the radio was actually a police officers gun and investigators have uncovered no evidence that the man shot dead even fired a gun.

    The claim that man who was killed fired the bullet that was recovered from the radio when it was really a police bullet suggest the police tried planting evidence to cover up their misdeeds.

    2) Eyewitnesses tell UK newspapers that the originally peaceful protests in turned violent after a 16 year girl threw a rock or some other object at the police. The police then responded with a force of 15 police officers who beat the girl on the ground with their shields The Daily Mail is quoted below. BBC interview with a first hand witness to the beating of the girl is also below.

    3) Tonight marks the second night of riots which have spread beyond London and into neighboring suburbs of Brixton and Enfield. Unlike last nights spontaneous rights tonight’s riots were planned.

    UPDATE! Video of the beating of the 16 year old girl that sparked the violence has surfaced on YouTube.

  • designs

    A Spark leads to Fire.

    In 1965 a CHP Officer pulled over Marquette Frye in Watts LA for a DUI, the Officer refused to let Frye's brother drive the car home, the crowd swelled to hundreds and rocks began to be thrown. Marguette, his brother and mother were arrested. Sporadic violence kept building that night and into the next day. Police Chief William Parker then came on the Radio and TV and announced the rioters were 'Monkeys in a Zoo'. 6 Days of Riots, 40 Million in damages, 3600 arrests, 34 dead.

  • hamsterbait

    The world is so unfair and violent, I am just going to have to go and steal sports shoes and electronics.


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