Should we protect the minds of the future?

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  • sabastious

    I think it can be agreed upon that a young person becomes troubled because of something lacking rather than just something inherently wrong with the person. The reaction youths have on adversity can either build the person up or tear it down. Their reaction to adversity is caused by the their various interaction with their environment including the people within it, namely their parents. Some parents have chosen to not only believe in superstition, but to enforce that belief on their children that are people that will end up living within the borders of a specific government. Those governments, at that point, should be watching as to how these children are turning out since they depend on what these people ultimately become. It's in the government's best interest that the child be encouraged, as soon as possible, to grow and to be their best. How many geniuses live within the Watchtower Society, but their talents are squandered, or even just dormant, in a time when they are desperately needed?

    Jehovah's Witness children start offbehind through the doctrine of Original Sin and the abusive application of it. It's hard enough to teach a child to be confident in their ability to learn and to adapt and it's an exercise in insanity to add on top of it all the elusive goal of "Godly Devotion." It's unfortunate that any group feels it necessary to use fear and guilt to coerce their students, rather than guide them, to their message. How many people are depressed and just getting by, when they could be so much more, because they are just waiting for the end to come?

    The governments of today, and tomorrow, have inhereted some damaged minds and it's good reason to start caring for the up and coming minds that are trapped within a boxed world view. It's also a good reason to cherish the minds that have been brought up right because they might need to be the leaders of tomorrow in a pool of ignorance.

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