Facial expressions in music videos or movies or TV shows

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  • FlyingHighNow

    This thread is not a "just post your own video and ignore the video someone else posted or the comments they have made" thread. This is a study in actors, performers, singers, etc. who have unique and very wonderful facial expressions and mannerisms.

    I'll start with Miss Jeannie C. Riley. Not only is she lovely and very beautiful, but she has some of the most unique and cool facial expressions I have seen. Natalie Wood comes to mind, too. I invite videos and clips of people whose facial expressions are interesting and intriguing to watch. And I also invite comments on the videos.

    If you knew someone or know someone who has them, tell us about them.

    Here's the first study in what I am talking about:



  • minimus

    I used to love Johnny Carson's and Dean Martin's expressions.....I'm old!

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