I just became a Return Visit (!)

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  • simon17

    Been sick all week and for the first time I had JW's visit me since I left (actually the second time, but the first time it was just two people who asked "Are you Turkish" and left when I said no lol. Very strange). Anyway, since I had no voice and little strength I just let them go through their presentation with a smile, took the mags, and that was it. Looking forward to their return.

    Well, not sure I can really debate them anyway. They seemed like some sweet old men. Not sure I'd want to burst their bubble anyway.

  • punkofnice

    Congratulations! You will eventually be a statistic on the 'monthly' report form that JW's are judged on.

    ...............you could have some fun with them next time you see them!

  • mummatron

    Happened to me inadvertantly about 3 years ago. They caught me on my way out to an ante-natal appointment and I opened the door as I was expecting deliveries of baby stuff. Was a very young and very old sister, I felt sorry for them and let them finish their presentation before saying I had to rush out. The older sister came back about 3 times before she caught me in my dressing gown in a grumpy, sleep deprived mood. I may have said not to call ever again (can't remember exactly - new mum-nesia) as I haven't been called on since other than a Memorial invite through the letterbox!

  • MrFreeze

    I will never take magazines from a dub ever.

  • Resistance is Futile
  • i_drank_the_wine

    Just think - now the old Jehober can give an encouraging comment at the next meeting, sharing how one of his seeds landed on the fertile ground because you took their comic books.

  • brooklynNY

    Im trying to become a former return visit

  • steve2

    You have been seeded, expect a watering in the next few weeks, but just don't be too alarmed when you start sprouting and budding forth.

  • steve2

    You have been seeded, expect a watering in the next few weeks, but just don't be too alarmed when you start sprouting and budding forth.

  • Jim_TX

    I hope that you are able to speak with them next time... and that they are discouraged from darkening your doorstep in the future.

    It kinda reminds me of one time when I was a JW... there was this older anglo JW, Fred, and a younger Hispanic JW, Rudy, going door-to-door. The city that I live in has many Hispanics here, and the older gentleman knocked on a door, and a Hispanic fella answered it. He gave Fred a "I don't speak Eenglish." type of response, and Fred said something like, "Oh!" and then calls out to Rudy out at the sidewalk, on his way to the next door.

    "Rudy", he sez, "come here and talk to this gentleman. He doesn't understand English."

    Well, Rudy came up, and started talking Spanish to the fella at the door. Rudy knew Spanish very well, having been raised in a household where both his mother and father were from Mexico. He started his presentation in Spanish - speaking at 90-miles an hour.

    The fella at the door said, "Whoa! Stop! I don't understand Spanish! I just told you that to try to get rid of you!"

    It was funny.


    Jim TX

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