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  • The Quiet One
  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    I could use some help, if anybody has time to reply.. If you had just placed a Creation brochure with an atheist and you were expected, by the person you were working with, to call back next week (someone said I should take the bible teach book), what would you say so that the call doesn't end up as a bible study? I can only just offer mags/tracts to people with a good conscience, because as I see it, anyone else would have gone to the door and done the same anyway. But I couldn't take someone through the bible teach book. Any serious suggestions welcome (no 'would you like to join a crazy cult' nonsense please, I'll have someone with me so it has to be believable). Thank you.

  • Pams girl
    Pams girl

    Encourage them to do their own research on creation, that way the person you are working with will see you are encouraging the householder to back up the theory in the bible, but in fact, it will open up the householders eyes to other theories on this subject.

    If the person you are working with questions this, you could mention that the apostle Paul encouraged people to look for themselves, and examine, and question.......obviously in this case its to encourage the householder to see this is indeed the "Truth". If it is indeed the "Truth" then no amount of research can dispute this............and it should stand up to any scrutiny.

  • sizemik

    TQO . . . I presume he/she stated to you that they were an atheist?

    If so . . . then they may well wish to counter some of the material in the brochure. The creation/evolution angle is often the atheists prime defence. I would suggest staying on the subject if you can. Perhaps ask if they enjoyed the brochure . . . or had any questions.

    If they haven't read it (as often is the case) . . . you could ask what caused them to become an atheist . . . and then go back to the brochure. You'll probably be giving them opportunity for their best defence.

  • NewChapter

    Well you are dealing with an atheist---so there is a strong chance that he would never accept a bible study anyway. Perhaps they even took the book so they could argue with it. Richard Dawkins has said publicly that many JW's have sent him that book and it is full of flaws. An atheist is much more likely to be aware of this since RD is a famous atheist that used to debate creationists.

    Just ask him what he thought of the book. Let him do all the talking. Get bold and tell him that he should research everything in the book independently. Pretend like you have no doubt that it will hold up under such scrutiny. It won't. It's full of mistakes and misrepresentations.

    The thing about being an atheist is that it challenges christians. They are endlessly debated. Everyone tries to convince them of the errors of their way. It's unlikely that this is his first go round with a religious person, so he is prepared. But just in case, keep confidently telling him to research all facts presented---independent of the WT.

    The book is crap. The thing that helped me turn away was bad information in the old blue evolution book. I was stunned to learn that all the scientific "data" was tampered with and skewed. It had been my favorite book, and I never suspected the org of misrepresenting things. Yet they did, and here I am.


  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    I doubt that an atheist would be bowled over by the Evolution book, so really I don't think you have much to worry about.

    Just ask general questions... "what did you think of the book?", "does it inspire you to study the Bible?" - we know what the answers will be, but it make you look like you've tried, even though you know in advance what the answers will be.

    The athiest will refuse a bible study, and you'll be let off the hook. Simple!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Go back after hours and explain the situation. Maybe even enlist their help.

    That way, you don't run the risk of them becoming a convert.

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One

    Pams girl- Thanks, I might point him to the page in the back of the brochure that lists the sources the info's taken from, but it may be unnecessary. Sizemik- He said that he didn't believe in God, yes. Good suggestion, but I think that a direct offer of a Bible study might be best. New Chapter- The Was Life Created? brochure is a relatively new publication. I've just realised that I abbreviated the title of it and caused a lot of confusion. It's NOT the old creation book, that's outdated. Sorry everyone.. Broken Promises- Thank you. Your answer has inspired me by pointing out the obvious. He won't believe in the Bible, so a direct offer of the Bible teach book would really do the trick! You've eased my worries greatly.. Black Sheep- Thanks but no way would I do that on a regularly worked territory..

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