Just found a memory box of priceless artifacts - HILARIOUSLY priceless JW artifacts that is!

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  • mummatron

    Earlier this evening I opened a box of my belongings which I knew contained some old photographs as I'd like to get all my old photos scanned into a digital format. Anyhoo, at the bottom of the box was a smaller box bearing some memories from my last year or two as a J-Dub. I'll list what I found:

    1998 & 1999 DC lapel badges

    Sept 1999 OKM (probably the last one I ever received)

    A very cute handwritten card from a little boy (approx 5 or 6 years old) at the KH whom I babysat on one occasion

    An 8-page body special of spot-reducing exercises from ME magazine entitled "lose it from where you want to" - I was paranoid after a particularly tactless stick-thin sister made a very hurtful comment about my physique.

    1st page draft of the break-up letter I sent to my JW boyfriend. I was quite impressed with how mature and diplomatic it was considering I was 18 at the time (he was 20 BTW if you're curious).

    A letter and postcard from my best JW friend in a neighbouring congregation - I will transcribe this into a separate post as it makes for a fantastic insight into the mind and social/dating lives of young JW sisters during the late 90's.

    A spiral bound notebook with only a few pages remaining (must've torn out all meeting notes for somebody) these are mostly of doodles and little games I'd do during the meeting to keep a very young JW relative from talking/fidgeting during meetings. On one page is a note that was passed between me and my brother...

    Mummatron: "XXX, stop talking to YYYYYY [very young relative] and stop playing with your watch."

    XXX (Mummatron's little brother aged 11): "why dont you Mummatron Just Shutyp [sic]."

    Hard cover notebook of notes from the DC where I was baptised, including detailed notes of the baptism talk. It is sickening. Reading it now after 13 years have passed, just over 10 out of the cult, it's so obviously brainwashing. I WILL transcribe and post separately when I get a chance...

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Hello you. Are you having a funeral pyre in the garden with these goodies or going to keep some?

    Question for you: WHY did you get baptised? (what age were you?) Just trying to get a handle on this as I have a 15 year old niece who I'm worried will get dunked very soon.

  • mummatron

    I'm not going to burn anything in my garden. As cathartic as that might be, I'd rather not inhale the carcinogenic smoke. The cult itself was carcinogenic enough!

    Once I've transcribed the funny/sickening stuff for general amusement here on JWN, it'll probably go into a shredder and then recycled into something more useful.

    I got baptised at 18. I had just completed my A Levels. My younger sister had already been baptised for a year or two at that point which made me feel under a lot of pressure to set a good example for my brother and my younger realatives. All my friends were baptised and so was my boyfriend, so I didn't want him getting into trouble for dating a UBP. I felt a bit guilty for some normal teenage hi-jinx and wanted to appease my guilt and wipe the slate clean so to speak. The majority of the congregation who I'd grown up around from birth, appeared to be in a bit of a brain-fogged timewarp and didn't seem to realise that I was 18 and a legal adult. I don't think it helped that I'd stayed on at school for 2 years instead of leaving at 16 to go to work/piosneer as is customary. Some were amazed about my parents' wedding anniversary saying in a disbelieving tone, "I didn't realise you'd been married xx years", to which my mum would reply "Well yes I should think so...Mummatron is 18 ya know!"

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I would love to read those mummatron. I remember coming across some DC notes once and almost passed out at how "spiritual" I was... lol

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