BBQ with a Dozen Old ex-JW Friends last Saturday - Good Times!

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  • Seeker4

    Last Saturday an old JW friend was visiting the area from Florida. We had reconnected with another friend from the old congregation - a man raised a JW but who had to deal with being gay and all that entails for a Witness! We had all known each other for 20 to over 40 years.

    At any rate, we had a terrific BBQ with a dozen ex-JWs who used to be in one congregation together, but now live all over the country. What a great time! Funny stories, a chance to catch each other up (some of us hadn't seen each other for 18 years!) on what our lives had become, a chance to vent a little. What was interesting to a lot of them was the lack of bitterness in the group - you know how we'd all been led to believe that anyone who leaves the WTS is eaten up with anger and bitterness. NONE of that - just a lot of laughter.

    Now I've been in touch with everyone for quite a while - so they all thanked me for reconnecting them all again. The gay ex-bro was in tears frequently over how he was so totally accepted. We had a good laugh telling him that most of us knew he was gay years before he did!

    All in all, it was a very fun, very therapeutic and very empowering day. I highly recommend it!


  • kazar

    Good. Sounds like you all had a really great time.

  • straightshooter

    It is so good to hear experiences such as these. You are right that the WTS paints a picture that the world outside of the WTS is full of hatred and bitterness. But that is not the fact of life, non-jw and ex-jws can be fun to be with.

  • poppers

    So, what kind of BBQ sauce did you use? I personally prefer Famous Dave's original Rich and Sassy.

  • jookbeard

    these little get togethers for folks like ourselves are truly wonderful and life changing, sounds like you all had a blast!

    it is such great therapy to laugh and cry over one thing we all had in common and left behind, I dont get the chance much these days to meet with like minded ones but hope to catch up with future events with old and new friends.

  • zoiks

    Hi Seeker4,

    It's nice to hear of these experiences. I'm from an area close by to you - I believe - and have been amazed at how many ex-JWs that I have been able to reconnect with. Just a few weeks ago we were at a 'worldly' BBQ that had at least a half-dozen ex-JWs that I knew in attendance. Amazing how small the world can be, and it's great to reconnect with folks and get to know them again in such a different context.

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