Six thousand years ago.

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  • jam

    An enigmatic people emerged from the cloak of

    prehistoric anonymity, and began to build marvelous

    cities in the fertile plain between the mighty Tigris

    and Euphrates rivers, (sounds familiar, Gen: 2;14).

    They instigated A technological revolution in fields

    such as agriculture, commerce, mathematics and

    metallurgy, (humm, offspring of Adam?).

    These remarkable people began to develop sophisticated

    forms of government and established the earliest knowm

    social institutions (kingdom halls), I don,t think so, schools

    and courts of laws.

    Clay tablets found related an amazing story of Gods who

    created the Heavens and Earth, and Gods physically descended

    to earth at the beginning of time, in order to lay the

    foundations for cities. These people lived in the

    underworld which was conceived as "Garden of Gods".

    All good things in the Garden had been sent down by

    the Gods from Heaven to earth,( humm, where have I

    seen this before, Gen.1;29)

    Sumerian religion was A "Cult of Creation".

    The author of when the Gods came Down. Alan F. Alford.

  • wobble

    Only 6 thousand years ago ? I think cities etc may be a little older, and an agrarian society certainly so.

  • ThomasCovenant

    ...............Adam was about 37 years old.

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