'Winter's Bone', 'Sands of Destruction', and even 12 minutes of '1984'!

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    "AND I THOUGHT THAT CREEP LOVED ME!"--May Day, 'A View To A Kill'.

    Random. It just popped into my head.

    So, I finally made time to see 'Winter's Bone'--I was really excited to see it was on Netflix. I think, for me, it was Jennifer Lawrence's audition tape for 'The Hunger Games'. It's essentially the same role. Although I really did like Hailee Steinfeld's turn in 'True Grit' and could certainly have seen her as Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence was definitely a good choice. She has an underlying fierceness in 'Winter's Bone' that I think will serve her well in 'The Hunger Games'. 'Bone' was a pretty dark story, but a really good movie. And Jennifer Lawrence was far cuter than I was expecting. So...that's an added bonus. If you're a male chauvinistic PIG!!

    Anyway, so I got to check out an episode of 'Sands of Destruction', a Japanese anime series--pretty cool. I used to own the Nintendo DS game but had to sell it for some extra cash before I really got into it. Seems like a cool show, though it's only 13 episodes in the series. Ah, well.

    I was scrolling through Netflix and saw '1984' and decided, what the heck, I'm in an R-rated mood about now. Why not check it out? I mean, the book could probably be PG-13, if you ask me, depending on how you filmed it. But that's not the point.

    I only got to watch 12 minutes of the movie before I got interrupted and had to get on with my day. It was really eerie. The opening propaganda film started in a way that seemed IDENTICAL to the Watchtower Society's videos. The narrator had the same exact tone of voice--I was thinking, either the Society hired this same guy to be narrator for their videos, or the people who made '1984' hired the guy from the Society's videos. I'm sure neither is true, but it was weird. The imagery was used in the exact same way.

    I've read the book, of course--who hasn't, if you're on this board, and if you haven't, you need to--but it really just...that opening scene made me feel like it was a district convention. Everybody has to act a certain way. Reminds me of all that forced applause during the program, and Mom would always look over to see if I was applauding. And then I'd applaud even though I was just too sleepy to really care what they were saying. I actually wanted to listen, but we were always out at restaurants in the evenings and didn't get proper rest at night. But it was just like that.

    I think I also noticed in the scene right after, when Winston Smith goes home and after he wakes up, the exercise sequence and how they interrupt to talk to him directly. I mean, that's pretty creepy, someone watching you like that. But it reminded me an awful lot of my marriage, sad to say. No further comment on that one... I'm not knocking marriage, folks; it's just some women want to control everything you do rather than letting you be yourself, you know? You've got to find the person who genuinely appreciates you for who you are rather than for what they can get from you.

    But that was nice. Oh. I also read 'Spider-Man: One More Day', the graphic novel. That was interesting, though a bit contrived to have Spidey make a deal with the Devil, of sorts. I mean, why do that? It seems to me if the whole point was to break up Peter and Mary Jane, why resort to something so bizarre? I mean, I'd even take 'Black Widow inexplicably falls in love with Spidey' over that! Well...whatever...that's comics, sometimes.

    I started digging around in my old box o' comics for my Superman/Batman issues--namely, the 'Public Enemies' and 'Apocalypse' storylines. I was amazed at how fresh and new they looked, even after almost 10 years. The colors were all so bright. Man, nothin' like a fresh-lookin' comic! Those were the days, man. College, not much money, but not much responsibility, not a lot of girl troubles, everything was ahead of me rather than behind me.

    Well, come on, sd-7. That's no way to be. Everything's still ahead of you; if you're lucky, you might live another 40-50 years. Unless the drunk guy stabs you on the parking lot and takes your wallet, in which case, I give it another 3 weeks. Nice. Very positive. Idiot.

    Well, that's my spiel for today. You can eat chicken chow mein, or whatever, and viciously attack the flaws in my logic at will.


  • sd-7

    that's great sd-7 but u r annoying us all here! u need 2 stop writing so much!!! ugggh!!!!


  • sd-7

    This has nothing to do with this topic, which makes it in violation of the rules, I'm sure, but I was just thinkin'. 'Bout that scripture JWs use to prove Jesus is an archangel? Well, he comes with "a commanding call, an archangel's voice and God's trumpet". Well, we wouldn't assume he was God because he had God's trumpet. The only way to be consistent and objective is to therefore conclude that he isn't an archangel, either. When you think of it, kings don't usually shout when they're approaching for battle--that's what their right-hand man is for. They don't blow on the trumpet, either--they've got people who do that in their behalf. So I figure, some angels shout and blow on a divine trumpet ahead of him, and that's that. 'Cause you can't be above all the angels and still be an angel yourself.

    Wait, you're wrong. Not necessarily true. Like, the President is above a lot of men, but he's still a man, right? He's just the chief man in this country.

    I'm sorry, but that analogy doesn't hold up here. The Son can't be special if he's an angel. He's the only begotten for a reason, dude.

    I know what he is. I don't need no apostates telling me what he is! Next you'll be having me believe he's God Almighty!

    Yeah, that's what she said.


    That's what she said, too.

    Leave me alone.

    What she said.


  • jamiebowers

    Did you ever get back to watching 1984? I'll send you an email tomorrow.

  • talesin

    I'll have to d/l Winter's Bone,, sounds interesting.

    1984 --- -ahhh, yessss,,, what a book! and what a movie! It is quite eerie, and a must-see for anyone, not just us. Lots of Big Brother going on right now, everywhere,,, just walk down mainstreet and see how many surveillance cameras you can spot ...

    Try watching "The Handmaids Tale" ,,, it's a great flick, even better book by Margaret Atwood, and along a similar theme (gov't controlling all aspects of life).

    Oh, and you have an email. :)


  • talesin

    OH, yah,,,, okay, I'm JEALOUS of your comic book collection --- are those Todd MacFarlane or another artist??? Enquiring minds want to know!


  • Curtains
    This has nothing to do with this topic, which makes it in violation of the rules, I'm sure, but I was just thinkin'

    - I needed a laugh this very bleak morning after riots and looting here in london.

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