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    1) Why is the prophetic significance of 1919 to JW's not mentioned in the Proclaimers book or the Faith in Action DVD? These are their current historical sources yet one has to look to the Revelation book, WT's and other books? I would think this would be included since it's their whole basis for being god's organization, birth of a nation, start of the spiritual paradise, Mt 24:45-47 & Mt 25:21,23 , etc

    2) In regards to the petition to release Rutherford & the others in 1919. The DVD seems to leave the impression that the petition signed by 700,000 people moved President Wilson to pardon them. After discussing the petition the video says on " March 12, 1919 Woodrow Wilson, president of the United States conceded that the prison terms were excessive. On March 26, 1919 all eight men were released "

    They show the letter in the video. I paused it and copied it. The letter it reads

    My dear Mr. Attorney General:

    One cannot but have a great deal of sympathy and a great softening of heart towards persons like the petitioners in the enclosed papers, and I am sending these papers to you for the purpose of requesting that you will be kind enough to have the papers carefully gone over and the matter examined sufficiently to ascertain whether they have in fact been treated justly and upon the same terms as others or not.

    The terms of imprisonment are clearly excessive, but I assume that these are sentences which are being reconsidered along with all the others by the Department, with a view to sealing down to reasonable terms by commutation.

    Cordially and faithfully yours,

    Woodrow Wilson

    Contrast this with what the Proclaimers book says. The Proclaimers book makes it seem that the release happened by divine providence.

    *** jv chap. 7 pp. 74-75 Advertise the King and the Kingdom! (1919-1941) ***

    By March 1919, Bible Students in the United States were circulating a petition in which they asked President Woodrow Wilson to use his influence to accomplish one of the following in behalf of the imprisoned brothers:

    “FIRST: A complete pardon, if that now be possible, OR

    “SECOND: That you direct the Department of Justice to dismiss the prosecution against them, and that they be fully released, OR

    “THIRD: That they be immediately admitted to bail pending a final decision of their case by the higher courts.”

    Within two weeks the Bible Students obtained 700,000 signatures. The petition, though, was never presented to the president or the government. Why not? Because before that could be done, the eight men were released on bail. What, then, did the petition work accomplish? The Watch Tower of July 1, 1919, stated: “The evidence is overwhelming that the Lord desired this work to be done, not so much to get the brethren out of prison, as for the purpose of a witness to the truth.”

    Is it me or is this a huge discrepancy? I can’t find reference to March 12, 1919 or the letter from the president anywhere else in the publications; if someone does please post it.

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    I should credit JWFacts with rousing my curiosity with his post on falsification of WT history.

    Another thought comes to mind to bring up with a JW; Jehovah & Christ weren't responsible for the release the petition was.

  • discreetslave

    So I've learned Petitioners = the Defendants in the Presidents letter. Sorry

    My question is why does the video make mention of the petition without stating that it was not presented like the Proclaimers & Divine Purpose book do?

    That's stupid because it implies the petition influenced the release. Why not mention the tract Case of the IBSA & letters made to the Attorney General, congressmen, senators, & newspapers presented before the petition? I guess these are question that can't be answered by any of us. It would take someone on the inside.

    Is this just more evidence of their not being as thorough as they claim in their research & presentation of facts?

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