Sad: when all the inspiration is gone

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  • Gorbatchov

    6 million witness (except me) went with the convention leaflet house to house to inform the people about the big question mark: the toe of the image of Nebukadnezar.

    It took very much millions of hours to spread the leaflet worldwide.

    At the end of the sunday part of the convention, the big news was unfold:

    nothing new, 4th time since 1970 that big news about the toe was exposed by the old wise man at Adams street, Brooklyn.

    Curent part of the leg of the image (US/UK) will be the worldpower when the big A is coming.

    It's sad, it's sad, it's a sad sad situation, but this is what realy happened at the education commite:

    Chairman: "What cliffhanger will we use this year to invite the mass for our convention, to keep the publishers bussy?"

    Brother Creative: "Lets use a big question mark!"

    Chariman: "We have no uncurtainty! We are clear about everyting".

    Brother Funny Fix & Repair: "I see chances!

    Chairman: "Since we send you to Harvard, you only see chances."

    Brother Funny Fix & Repair: "Use a canard. Suggest new light but don't present it".

  • talesin

    "Suggest new light but don't present it."

    very clever,,, and you are right, it's a sad, sad situation, but we'll never hear them say SORRY, will we?


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