Jack Johnson's intelligent SLAM of the JW's? "Never Know"...

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  • wearewatchingyouman

    The first time I heard this song it just sang to my soul... I immediately made the connection to Jehovah's Witnesses... I heard he studied @ one time... It would make sense, since he's a seeker, that he would want to know what they had to say... I don't know for sure if it's true or not... but when you look at the words of this song it's pretty friekin' obvious to me that this is an epic slam on the dogma of the twooth and how the experience affected him... then again it could just be my interpretation... the funny thing is he's one of the few mainsteam artists that I hear Witnesses talk about in a positive light... what do you think?


    I heard this old story before
    if people keep appealing for the metaphors
    don't leave much up to the imagination
    so i wanna give this imagery back
    but i know it just ain't so easy like that
    so, i turn the page and read the story again
    and again and again
    it just seems the same
    with a different name
    we're breaking and rebuilding
    and we're growing
    always guessing

    never knowing
    shocking but we're nothing
    we're just moments
    we're clever but we're clueless
    we're just human
    amusing but confusing
    we're trying
    but where is this all leading
    we'll never know

    it all happened so much faster
    than you could say disaster
    wanna take a time lapse
    and look at it backwards
    from the last one
    and maybe that's just the answer
    that we're after but after all
    we're just a bubble in a boiling pot
    just one breath in a chain of thought
    the moments just combusting
    feel certain but we'll never never know
    just seems the same
    give it a different name
    we're begging and we're needing
    and we're trying and we're breathing

    knock-knock on the door to door
    tell ya that the metaphor is better than yours
    and you can either sink or swim
    things are looking pretty grim
    if you don't believe in what their spoon feeding
    it's got no feeling
    so i read it again
    and again and again
    just seems the same
    so many different names
    our hearts are strong
    our heads are weak
    we'll always be competing

    never knowing
    shocking but we're nothing
    we're just moments
    we're clever but we're clueless
    we're just human
    amusing, confusing
    but the truth is
    all we got is questions
    we'll never know

  • jj123jj123

    Thanks for sharing wearewatchingyouman! I haven't listen to that song for ages, but listening to it now, make me realize how much the song lyrics resonate with me. I myself was a born-n, so I was raised to believe in an absolute truth. But as I got older and my critical thinking skills developed, cognitive dissonance eventually kicked in, and I realize I couldn't believe in the absolute truth I was taught. I think one purpose religion serves is providing answers concerning death, why we die, and what happens to us after death, etc. I find peace in not knowing for sure.

  • wearewatchingyouman

    @jj123- I definitely know what you mean in finding peace in not knowing... I just couldn't imagine carrying around the weight of having to defend that I had the absolute truth on what God is and what it's plan is for us... poor people....

    Thanks for popping in!

  • bobo97

    I can confirm this. Chain of people away from me said that his mom studied with them.

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