Zen Living Part 19 (summarized): Managing Stress on the Job

by JimmyPage 2 Replies latest jw friends

  • JimmyPage

    Separating your job from your ego is difficult but crucial for stress management.

    Letting go of your expectations can put stress into perspective, even when you are the victim of other people's expectations (which you can't control).

    Learning to go with the flow rather than resist what you have to do can help you be more productive and enjoy your work more.

    Take care of yourself and pay attention to your own needs for less stress and better job performance.

    You don't have to choose between your job and your life. Both will be more enjoyable and productive if they are balanced.

  • Snoozy

    Easier said than done, especially on a stressful day. But wise words to try and live by.

    Too often people let their Job define who they are..


  • JamesThomas

    "Too often people let their Job define who they are..". Perhaps it doesn't stop there. Identity is generally a patchwork of thousands of phenomenal things including thoughts and emotions. Is this what we truly are? What so intimately sees and feels all this? Is this which witnesses what we call "our life and being", is it these countless things? Or is there an unspeakable purity of being that remains untouched that is always whole and pure? Perhaps we can look and see. Perhaps we can awaken to a deeper and far more genuine reality of self than all we have ever believed ourself to be.

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