Midori Karashima - Silent Eve

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  • possible-san

    This is an "unrequited love" song.
    I loved this song.

    When I listen to this song, I remember my "unrequited love."

    Midori Karashima - Silent Eve



  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    The song sounds interesting

    i wonder what the lyrics are in english

  • possible-san

    nancy drew.

    Thank you for your comment.
    For you, I translated Japanese Lyrics into English.

    Lyrics: Karashima Midori
    Music: Karashima Midori

    English translation: possible


    Masshiro na konayuki hito wa tachidomari(When pure white snow falls, people stop walking)

    Kokoro ga motomeru basho o omoidasu no(and remember what our heart needs)

    Ikutsumo ai o kasanetemo hikiyosetemo(I love you and tried to attract you with my fascination many times)

    Naze daiji na yoru ni anata wa inai no?(But why aren’t you here on this special night?)

    Sayoonara o kimeta koto wa kesshite anata no tame janai(It is not for you that I chose to say good-bye.)

    Fuan ni yureru kyandoru kanashi katta kara(Since the flickering candle just filled me with sadness/uneasiness)

    "Tomodachi" tte yuu ruuru wa totemo muzukashii geemu ne(The rule that we must remain ‘friends’ makes it such a difficult game, isn't it?)

    Moo nidoto futari no koto o jamashitari shinai(I won’t ever come between the two of you again)


    Honto wa daremo ga yasashiku naritai(The truth is everyone wants to be kind)

    Soredemo tenshi ni hito wa narenai kara(Nevertheless, people cannot be angels)

    Me o sorasazu ni omoide wa urumu keredo(Even now I am sometimes reminded of the happy memories, and my eyes glistened with tears)

    Utsuriyuku kisetsu ga Peigi o mekuru wa(But the changing seasons turn the pages)

    Sayounara o kimeta koto wa kesshite anata no sei janai(It is not your fault that I chose to say good-bye)

    Kazatta hana mo kaado mo minna "Merry Christmas for Me"(All of the flowers and cards which have been decorated are "Merry Christmas for ME")

    "Tomodachi" tte hohoemu yori ima wa hitori de nagasete ne(Rather than you smile and saying 'We are friends,' please leave me alone now so that I can have a good cry)

    Mou ichido watashi no yume o tsukamu made, Silent Night(Oh, Silent Night! Once again, please cheer me until my prayer is answered)

    Mou ichido watashi no yume o tsukamu made, Silent Night(Oh, Silent Night! Once again, please cheer me until my prayer is answered)


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Thank you for translating that song. it reminded me of a song written in 1952 that is a classic that has been sung by many different people like ELvis Presley, Ray Charles and Michael Bolton to name a few the title is "You don't know me" My favorite singer of this song is either Elvis Presley or Michael Bolton it's worth listening to.

    You give your hand to me and than you say hello

    and I can hardly speak my heart is beating so

    and anyone can tell you think you know me well you don't know me

    no you don't know the one who dreams of you at night and longs to kiss your lips and longs to hold you tight

    to you I'm just a friend thats all I've ever been cause you don't know me

    for I never knew the art of making love though my heart aches with love for you

    afraid and shy I let my chance go by a chance you might have loved me to

    You give your hand to me and than you say goodbye

    I watched you walk away besides that lucky guy Oh you'll never ever know

    the one who loved you so well you don't know me.

    It's quite a beautiful song and people continue to sing new versions of it.

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