Coworker and JW's

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  • sinis

    So I am talking religion to my coworker and freely admit I USED to be a JW. He said thats interesting my wife grew up with some, and they are a weird set of people. I agreed, explained about the holidays, which he knew and called it a day. I see him the next day and he is telling me he was talking to his wife who found out that same day that one of her best friends who was a JW (sounded like they were not as active) had just committed suicide after living with years of molestation within the JW KingDumb Hall. I was shocked. Small world...

  • ziddina

    Man... Sorry to hear about the poor JW...

    But so typical of JW World... Can't go to the police about sexual molestation; might cast a bad light on Jehovah's name...

    I sure hope that there's another lawsuit in the works over that poor lady's death... I hope they're successful in suing the pants off of the Watchtower Society, too...


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Jehovah has a lot of dirt on his name that needs to be hidden.

    That's how I've always viewed it.

    Poor JW:(

    Sooo sad:(

  • Gayle

    so saddening! The WTS coverup has to explode some day. It's too horrible!

  • jamiebowers

    This is the kind of story that keeps me active in the exjw community. If that poor woman just could've reached out to anyone of us, she may very well be alive today. How sad!

  • cptkirk

    good point jamie...probably to her, death was better than coming here though ...brainwashing went to deep maybe. no logical sense, just complete fear of dialogue on the issue through and through.

  • Reopened Mind
    Reopened Mind


    This is so so sad, but unfortunately not that unusual within the WT ranks. I do not know how to put into words how I feel when I hear of a suicide due to depression brought on by sexual abuse. There is no recourse for getting help. I too have family members who were molested by a cult member. I know it happens outside the cult, but inside the cult the two witness rule, the denigration of women, the suspicion of psychologists, the overwhelming need to present a squeaky image keeps the abused from getting the help they need.

    As Jamie said if that poor woman would have only known there was someone she could have reached out to for help.

    Reopened Mind

  • NewChapter

    Horrifying! Another dead person under Jehovah's belt. When will it ever be enough?

  • sinis

    I haven't seen him since we talked (might be off), but I was going to ask him some additional questions. He and his wife seem fairly knowledgeable about JW's. I asked him what religion he was and he just said Christian, no religion. He did say that most JW's he knew or grew up with were screwed in the head and seemed to have more mental issues than others in other religions. I agreed with him and informed him that they are a cult by definition.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    When I was a teenager, they used to blame women for rape. Later, I found out that the majority of rapes are men on men in prison. Rape is an act of violence, not erotic sexuality. I was commuting through the suburban bus terminal in Manhattan daily. The streets leading to the terminal were littered with creeps from upstate prisons and the terminal itself was tacky. Fortunately, my platform was a haven. I used to run like a wild person to my platform.

    My cousin around the same age remakred on the reported rape of a woman in the terminal that she deserved it. She must have been wearing a short skirt. Her voice indicated that not only was the woman suspectible but she deserved the rape. Guess who wore miniskirts? Oh, a Roman Catholic nun was savagely raped in a local church. The neighborhood was furious. Imagine raping a nun! And right in church. My father drove my mom and a co-worker to work. He remarked when it was discussed that the nun deserved her. Remarkably, the co-worker remained a good friend of my mom. Looking back, she had to tell no one b/c my father lived and his legs were not broken.

    I exploded with rage. Women were very judgmental about rape victims then. It gave them false security it could never happen to a proper woman.

    A high school friend was molested by the asst. overseer. I was so jealous of the attention she received. She had no adults with her at the KH. My parents were all over me.

    This forum may well have saved her.

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