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  • sinis

    I have a friend who lives in an apartment complex that used to be considered 5 star, very nice. Within the past few years it has literally gone into the shit tubes. In fact the owners have spent 100's of thousands in solar equipment, but can't do anything for the quality of life, make sure the property is taken care of, and keep the rif raf out. Some may say move, but they are not in a financial position to do so. I know they have complained to the city govt where they live at, and at best the city does a half assed job trying to correct the issues. I suggested that I could sit down and help write them a letter, anonymously, as they do not want to have the owners of the apartment complex try to get back at them. It actually came out pretty good. This time, though, I suggested that we could send it to the mayor, and other head city officials, but this time add local news outlets to the CC line. It has been sent (email) already so time will tell. Has anyone had any luck in the past cutting in the media into certain situations, whereas if they had not things may not have gotten done?

  • serenitynow!

    I've lived in apartments where the neighborhood went down, I found it best to just move. I didn't own, why go through all the trouble?

  • sinis

    They are in a lease, older person on a budget. They probably will eventually leave, but in the mean time I was hoping to help their "fight" - it sucks when a neighborhood drops into the bowels of "slum"... thanks!

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