You Have No Heart

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  • compound complex
    compound complex

    It is useless, as in all endeavors to which
    hand and heart have been so intently set,
    that I should seek further communication
    with you, you so adept at creating an aura
    Of nonchalance when only the raging fire of
    burning passion - passion for me - should suffice.
    You display less than a trifling concern over matters
    that are of signal import to me and feign indifference.
    I have been sleepless with grief over your tepidity,
    your failure to commit to what could be a life spent
    together in pursuit of an aim higher than that enjoined
    upon simpleminded spectators, whose frozen gaze sets
    Upon a fleeting world that passes them by. If only you showed
    some heart, some fire; my winning you over will never be done.
    It is useless ... my love for you avails me naught, as He does see.

  • sizemik

    Wow Coco . . . I just wrote something over in the "corner" . . . that I believe springs from a similar perception of human relationships and how they are often determined by self-interest.

    Your words went straight to heart . . . I have no words.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks, Size:

    I'm going over to the corner to check out what you wrote.

    As to having no words, I often wonder whence mine come. Sure, I ponder love and differences between couples that lead to irreconcilable differences, but hey! These literary dramas and histrionics that I come up with baffle me. Of course, the narrator himself certainly IS self-absorbed. Maybe his lover's nonchalance is for her own self-preservation. I now know what it must be like living with me!

    Maybe someone here should write scripts for soap operas ...



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