Daydreaming... If you could send your conscious back into time.

by NomadSoul 6 Replies latest jw friends

  • NomadSoul

    That would be pretty awesome. Knowing what you know now about the Watchtower and the cult.

    You wake up and you're back in time when it all started.

    It would make a great twighlight zone episode.

  • Lore

    Wouldn't really help me much. Lets say I went back to when I was 9, It'd be cool, but since my parents and siblings are still witnesses it would just mean I'd have to be 'in the closet' for another 13+ years.

    Plus when your 9, it doesn't matter how compelling your argument is, the answer is always: 'You'll change your mind when you're older"

    Also since I'm not really sure how I acted when I was 9 I wouldn't be able to fake it. So the major personality change would probably make them think I have some kind of a mental disorder and, being 9 I wouldn't have any legal say in the matter, so I'd probably end up being put on a bunch of drugs to make me act more like a normal 9 year old. . . .

    Naturally I'd know there's nothing wrong with me, so I'd refuse to take the meds, and then I'd be one of those crazy people who refuse to take their medicine. And to convince them I'm not insane I'd probably start predicting the future for them.

    So that'd be 12 years ago. I could predict upcoming episodes of Star Trek Voyager and Spongebob to convince them I can predict the future! This would probably just make them think I'm posessed.

    I'd be able to predict 9/11, but it wouldn't be confirmed for another 2 years, plus I'd end up feeling like a complete waste of life if I could only predict it and was unable to stop it.

    HOPEFULLY I could get my parents or grandparents or SOMEONE to believe me enough to invest a pile of money into Google as soon as possible. Aside from that I'd be pretty much stuck until I'm 18 again.

  • shechaiyah

    Daydreaming as well as sleep-dreaming give us a window into the soul.

    Sometimes we have a dream that presents a reality to us we didn't know we're CARRYING.

    For this reason, dreaming is useful, to infer our own hidden agendas.

    That how I use dreams; and I avoid making prediction for other people, based on MY dreams.

    Why? I'm responsible for my reality, not theirs.

    :) Shechaiyah

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    would be cool i think about that from time to time... if only but then I think I have NOW and the future... would be cool though

  • NomadSoul

    Lore - I hadn't really stopped to think about that. You're right, as a kid anything I wouldn've said wouldn't probably make a difference.And that just flew over my head, in fiction when someone goes back into time they are considered

    Shechaiyah - The only difference is that day dreaming gives me more control of my made up reality. I don't usually remember my dreams unless I'm napping on a Sunday afternoon.

    Found Sheep - I also think about that. I ask myself, if my future self could come back to the present, what would he say?

  • blond-moment

    I was actually thinking about this not too long ago...what would I do if I could go back? I would claim to be of the anointed, prove me wrong, I dare ya. haha

    If I knew then what I know now, I could really freak them out a bit I think, kid or not haha.


    Lore ~ HOPEFULLY I could get my parents or grandparents or SOMEONE to believe me enough to invest a pile of money into Google as soon as possible

    newb - apple would be the way to go. you'd be rich beyond all reason if you stuck all of your money in that thing back in the late me :$

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