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  • JunkYardDog
  • JunkYardDog

    i HATE THEM FOR LYING ABOUT THEIR HISTORY and destroying my family ties. tell what you hate about the WTS........

  • dm6

    Junkyard.....? do i know you?

  • wannaexit

    I hate them because they took away the best years of my life ....

  • dm6

    Junk, i only ask becauase i play the game Quake Live and there is a user with the name JunkyardDOG.

    Anyway, i dont hate them at alll.

    I am a humanist, i see the good in people and that people religious or not, all have good in them.

    Jehovahs witnesses are people, just like you and I, and are brainwashed. we have come out knowing this indoctrination, whereas they have not.

    Do not hate them, they are people like us like everybody. As human beings, find that good in you and apply that to them.

    Now, onto the more important topic here, the watchtower.

    That is who we should be hating, that is who is the deciever, the liar, the falsifier, the brainwasher, the architect of corruption, the ANTICHRIST.

    2nd John 1:7

  • the-illuminator81

    I hate the organisation

    I pity the believers

  • punkofnice

    Hate??? Is hate too negative a word??

    What makes me barf is........

    Their pious stance thet they are the only true religion, squeaky clean and apporved by their imaginary friend in the sky, yet hide paedophiles within and protect them whilst slagging off other religions for less.

    I mistrust the GB and wish to see them go to the chair for crimes against humanity.

    Oh, well, STAY ALIVE IN '75!!

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