Johnny Cash sings Burning Ring of Fire as DOW spirals DOWn

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  • sinis

    Well get ready for sub 1% GDP next year!!!! Shits on!!!!!!

  • looloo

    my uncle just had that played at his funeral !

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I am a huge classic rock fan but I enjoy Johnny Cash so much. When I was younger, I thought all western was hokey. Bob Dulan and Cash's TV show brought me to his music.

  • skeeter1

    Stocks plunge, S&P goes negative for year

    • 74

    By Ken Sweet, contributing writer August 2, 2011: 4:13 PM ET

    U.S. stock market

    Click the chart for more market data.

  • badseed

    Starting to look like 2008.

  • james_woods

    Gold went up, though - 163x something the last I heard.

  • sinis

    Gold may be good to hedge against inflation, but lets be honest, the Frank-Dodd bill (PIMCO comes to mind) mandates are basically shutting down trade, as is the fact that purchases over $600.00 get reported. If the dollar burns gold won't do you any good, better off trading tangibles or skill sets like during the Great Depression.

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