I Saw A Ripped Up Spanish Awake Magazine Near My Outside Apt. Door

by minimus 9 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    and I laughed, actually privately cheered the destruction.

    Bad, huh?

  • undercover

    I hate litterbugs...

  • james_woods

    You should have recycled it to start your charcoal grille.

  • dgp

    Someone got frustrated that it made even less sense in Spanish.

  • minimus

    Even our Spanish friends are getting to know better!

  • NomadSoul

    The person must've been a Catholic. Lolz

  • loosie

    good for them. maybe the wild birds can make a nest with it.

  • straightshooter

    Hopefully they do not think you are a jw and trying to send you a message.

  • sir82

    You realize of course you've just provided the basis for an experience at the next convention, right?

    "One day a passerby was walking along the street when he saw a ripped up Awake magazine in a language he did not understand. Even so, he could not help but to be impressed by the wonderful artwork and thought-provoking pictures. Just that morning he had read in his Bible about how true Christians would be hated. 'Who would hate the message so much that they would make the effort to tear up such a lovely magazine?' he thought.

    "Intrigued, he happened to notice the www.watchtower.org web site which had miraculously not been torn up. He visited the website and checked the box on that site requesting a free home Bible study and....

    [dramatic pause]

    ...that man become our brother on Saturday by getting baptized!!!"

    [Thunderous prolonged applause, women faint, men cry, children vomit from sheer delight]

  • Bella15

    @ sir82 ... LOL! SO TRUE!!!!

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