District Convention 2011 Observation - RE: Accounts

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  • dontplaceliterature

    Did anyone else notice that they didn't read an accounts report one single time? Usually, this is read at some point, I thought. I'm usually too busy working on some assignment during the convention to notice but this year I was in my seat for the whole program.

    Was ours the only one this happened at, or is it a new policy from The Branch to leave out the figures?

  • clearpoison

    I don't recall reading of the account status in DC, in CC it was usual. But my memory might play me a trick here too.


  • Crisis of Conscience
    Crisis of Conscience

    Interesting to bring this up. At one point when I expected to hear it, it didn't happen. And in review, I don't recall hearing it at any other time.
    Makes you wonder.


  • DesirousOfChange

    Accounts Report has never been read at District Conventions (at least in the past 25 years). Just an announcement that all costs associated with this event are cared for by the WTBTS/CCJW and contribution boxes are located throughout the convention center......

  • out4good3

    the last time I went to a CC and they read the accounts report, I explained to my wife the gaping financial hole that was opened up between last years account balance and the expenses and balance they "claimed" for the current assembly.

    was the look I got.

  • blondie

    No accounts reports read at the DC (I can only testify to that back to 1963). Yes, it was read at the circuit assembly but was purposely deceptive to get people to donate more money. But the accounts report was more detailed that was read at the congregation level.

  • dontplaceliterature


    I guess I just never paid enough attention before...

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