I will be in Clifton, New Jersey (August 20th-28th, trip to NYC and upstate NY).

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  • Joliette

    ...to visit New York State, but I'll be staying in Clifton. If anyone is intrested in meeting up with Joliette, PM me. Would love to meet some of you guys ;)

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I grew up in the North Ward-Tony Sophrano-ward of Newark, NJ. Clifton was a stumping ground. In fact, I was told I have a Clifton, not a newark, accent. Manhattan was home for 40 years-Morninside Heights (Columbia), Greenwich Village (NYU) and the East Village.

    SAdly, I live temporarily in an exurb of Philly. I need to move back to NY. What is the time frame?

    I give superb tours of Manhattan. In fact, I am thinking of creating a business b/c these PA yokels all take bus tours to see B'way and they have no inklingof the atmosphere of NY, They eat atrocious tourist food when resident eateries abound at the same prime point.

    There are several restauanrt haunts I want to hit. I am part. strong in the visual arts, dept. stores and FIT, acting in the Village, SoHO, museums.

    Central Park is worth a one week or two week trip for the park alone. I can show you Manhattan vistas where I looked down on Bethel. Watching the thousands of zombies at break times is also something to see.

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